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Getting Muc-y with Jake Shipton

Getting Muc-y with Jake Shipton

Ever fancied speed-dating one of our Muc-Off athletes? Well this is probably as close as you’ll ever get to do this…

Welcome to ‘Getting Muc-y with…’, our brand-new series where we dive into their world and ask them the all-important questions (all the while satisfying your short attention span).

This week, we catch up with motocross superstar Jake Shipton.

Could you describe yourself in three words for those who don’t know you (yet)? 


What’s your typical morning routine?

Sit on the pan, check out YouTube/Insta, grab a double espresso, then head to gym or track.

You started riding dirt bikes 20 years ago, yet you’re only 26! How on earth did you get into it at such a young age?

Long time for someone young I know! I got a PW50 Yamaha for my 4th birthday but it didn’t go immediately to plan as I went straight out the garden hedge!

Parked her up for a few weeks after that but then got back on it and never got off it – loved it and haven’t stopped since!

Favourite riding spots? And why?

Fav riding spot has to be Honda Park in Belgium. It’s just really good for training and normally kept rough and gnarly. Plus, I love Belgium as a whole; good place to be for health and fitness in general.

Biggest achievements to date?

I have a few pretty cool ones including Dubai Baja Desert Champion, Dubai MX Champion. But the ones that felt the best happened this year…

After breaking my back last season and coming from rock bottom, I got my first British Champs Podium against world class riders. Plus winning the Patchquick Trophy for the third time – that thing has been going on for donkeys’ years.

Aims for the rest of the season?

Win more races, be up the front and claim a championship. Also would love to do some MXGP!

Describe MX in 3 words?

Unpredictable, gruelling, phenomenal.

Any pre or post race routines?

I always put the right glove, knee brace and boot on first. I also clap my hands whilst on the starting line. Don’t ask why I just do haha – gets my hyped!

Spirit animal?

Dog, only because I bloody love them! They are better than most humans that’s for sure.

What music is on your playlist at the moment?

Right now I’m listening to Arctic Monkeys Essentials on Apple Music.

We heard you have a road bike, how does cycling help with your MX?

Yeah love cycling! Scott hooked me up with a badass foil. It’s really good as its low impact – MX is the opposite so it balances things out for me. It’s also important to get some fitness and push my heart rate to the absolute max.

I also usually do an hour of cool down spin for recovery and to loosen the pins up a little after a hard race or session.

Most important question so far… How often do you clean your bike?

Road Bike – not that often not going to lie, I’m more of a good weather rider haha!

MX Bike – probably a good 3/4 times a week. Sometimes you’ve just gotta dig deep and get on with it! Luckily the Muc-Off products do a lot of the work for me.

Favourite Muc-Off products? That’s a hard one… I would have to either pick Snow Foam or Speed Polish as it works a dream cleaning my helmet.

What inspired the helmet design?

Love my dog, love bright colours and a bit of camo now and then. If I could have a dog foam helmet I would! The guys took my blank imagination and turned it into something awesome.

If you weren’t an MX rider what would you be?

Open a Dog Rescue Centre, become a Barista, a triathlete or a rally car driver!

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