The Green Snow Collective is a downhill team unlike any other. Launching in February this year, the three awesome young riders were given one objective: “Inspire other young riders to be the best version of themselves, both on the bike and off it.”

Sure, race results are nice – in fact one of the lads, Luca, bagged a win at Aston Hill before lockdown hit. But the mission as a team is to show as many other young riders as possible how great our sport can be, encouraging them to enjoy it to its fullest; whether that means by going faster, going higher or just going. 

The foundations of the Green Snow Collective were unknowingly laid back in the late 80’s when Paul (Team Founder) threw his leg over a mountain bike for the first time. At a young age he got stuck into the local racing scene and was soon taken under the wing of MTB Legend, Rich Vickery. Over the next couple of years Paul raced with a team of other young riders at local and national races, including the now iconic Malvern’s.

Whipping the dust sheets off his bike later in life led Paul to undertake various adventures around Europe, to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and the trip of a lifetime riding around the Mountains of Nepal. On his travels he was kept company by long-term riding and industry buddies including Alex Trimnell, MD at Muc-Off. Whilst reminiscing on ‘the good old days’ of racing hardtails, of talking disc-drives, flexistems and the madness of the original full suspension bikes, one thing shone through: all of their riding memories began back in their early teens.

And so, it was on one of these trips away that the concept of the Green Snow Collective was created: a fresh, new team, helped along by the best brands in the industry, supporting young riders by providing everything they need to enjoy riding and racing in a non-pressurised environment.

The team is supported by Mondraker Bikes, Muc-Off, 100%, Crud, Michelin, Ride Concepts, Stance and SDG all who share the same view on the importance of young riders who bring constant energy to our sport across the globe. 

The Collective has also partnered up with Trash Free Trails and, over the coming seasons, will be participating in organising and attending events and doing their bit to ensure the trails we all love to ride stay free of trash. 

Despite the strangest of years so far, with frustratingly little racing having been possible, we’ve already created some amazing memories in our little team.

Over the last month since lockdown ended Luca and Luis headed out to Morzine for a month, whilst Lucas heads off to Fort William for a few weeks: all three of them buzzing to be back on their downhill bikes and desperate for racing to begin. The plans this year included Nationals, Locals, Megavalanche and an IXS round or two… sadly it looks like they'll be waiting ‘til 2021 to get back inside the tapes though.

The team has begun with just three riders but over coming seasons it will add to the rider roster with new talent, some of these riders will be unknown to many, hence our team hashtag #YetUnknown. We look to unearth unique riders with the same vision we have.

All of our three current riders are based in Southern England and are supported by B1KE who manage all the local trail centres including the lads favourites: Rogate & Windhill. Here's the lowdown on each of them: 

Luca Thurlow 

Age: 15

Years riding: BMX since I was 8 and started MTB at 10

Favourite ride spot: Morgins bike park in Swizerland is insane - the berms are completely vertical and butter smooth and there are some epic roller gaps which leave you buzzing!

MTB Role model: I aspire to ride like Kade Edwards, his bike skills and style are mind blowing 

One thing you want to do: Compete at a Whip Off at Crankworx and throw the biggest whip I can and see how far I can get in the super rad comp.

Favourite Muc-Off Product: Drivetrain Cleaner - it's great for getting all the grit, grime and muc off the chain, keeping it running friction free and the bonus is, it smells great as well. It also pairs well with the X-3 Dirty Chain Machine to leave a sparkly bling drivetrain.

Lucas Craik

Age: 15

Years riding: Started BMX at age 3, riding MTB from 2014

Favourite ride spot: I love racing and riding through the thick muddy ruts at Bringewood

MTB Role model: Danny Hart - ever since I saw him race at the 2011 World Championships when he won it, ever since that it's been the absolute dream.

One thing you want to do: The ultimate dream is to race a World Cup! Top 10 at a World Cup would be ultimate top 10!

Favourite Muc-Off Product: Silicon Shine - it smells great, makes the bike look immense and helps the ride feel good, oh so good!

Luis Bolwell

Age: 15

Years riding: Just over a year!

Favourite ride spot: Pila, Italy. No doubt about it, this is my favourite place to ride. It's got proper long downhill runs and is insane fun to ride with your mates - all the loose ground, gnarly tech and flat out sprints. 

MTB Role model: Greg Minnaar - I love watching him ride from way back through to now and he's mad tall which gives me hope! I went to see him on his stand-up tour last year, it was really inspiring.

One thing you want to do: I want to get onto the podium during my time in the Youth category which I'm going to have to work hard on. My main focus is just to continue to get faster and smoother, improve my cornering, ohhh and I want to clear a big road gap!

Favourite Muc-Off Product: Pressure Washer with Snow Foam lance - my absolute favourite product from Muc-Off, knowing I can just wash the whole bike down with ease and the Snow Foam gets the bikes looking mint real quick, it makes cleaning bikes enjoyable, ohhhh and that noise!

Give them a follow over on Instagram to stay up to speed with all that they're up to @GreenSnowCollective and feel free to drop them a DM with any questions or if you want to meet up for a ride! Likewise, follow the guys @lucathurlow, @lucascraik and @luisbolwell to fill your feed with inspiring, funny content from on the ground!