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Muc-Off launch 'Motorcycle Care Kit' in partnership with Triumph.

Muc-Off launch 'Motorcycle Care Kit' in partnership with Triumph.

Muc-Off is delighted to release a new kit, developed in partnership with Triumph and available exclusively via the Triumph dealer network. Offering Muc-Off's industry-leading cleaners, protectants and lubricants to Triumph motorcycle riders and fans worldwide.

The 'Triumph Motorcycle Care Kit' (OEM’d by Muc-Off) includes all a rider needs to 'clean, protect and lube' their motorcycle, its suitable for any adventure, cruiser or sports motorcycles and will safely clean their bike, front to back, is safe on delicate surfaces and finishes including metals, matt/satin/gloss paintworks, plastics, acrylics and carbon fibre. The advanced range of Muc-Off products include those to remove dirt, grease and grime. Protect the motorcycle against corrosion and dirt adhesion and then an all-weather chain lube, ensuring your drivetrain keeps running smooth.

This comprehensive range of product offers unparalleled cleaning performance, keep the motorcycle looking factory fresh and performing at its very best no matter what or where your bike takes you.

The Triumph Motorcycle Care Kit (£59.99 RRP) includes:


Muc-Off Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner (1 litre) - State-of-the-art industry-leading motorcycle cleaner that quickly cuts through dirt and grime on a microscopic level thanks to its secret Nano tech formula! It’s the most effective cleaner out there and doesn’t contain any of those nasty, dangerous acids, CFC’s or chemicals.

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Muc-Off Motorcycle Degreaser (500ml)* - Rapidly eliminates oil, grease and grime across metal, plastic, rubber and seals. It's "water soluble" formulation allows it to be quickly rinsed away, leaving your bike parts completely clean. (*Kit contents vary in the US market, with the kit instead supplied with 'Dry Chain Degreaser')

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Muc-Off Matt Finish Detailer (750ml) - Specifically developed for satin matt paints, matt finishes and matt vinyl graphics. The premium-grade formula will leave any surface streak-free and gloss-free, plus its protective layer help reduces dirt adhesion. Safe on Gloss and Matt finishes.

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Muc-Off Protectant (500ml) - Prevent dirt adhesion between washes. Safe to use across your motorbike (except braking surfaces) its an after wash corrosion inhibitor which drives out moisture and leaves a non-sticky protective layer.

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Muc-Off All-Weather Chain Lube (400ml) - Suitable for standard, O, X and Z-Ring chains. All-Weather Chain Lube is ideally suited to long distance all weather on/off-road riding. Its high-performance synthetic formulation offers maximum protection plus includes ceramic additives to increase component life whilst maximising horsepower. Finally, it contains a UV dye to easily check your lube coverage.

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Muc-Off Microcell Sponge - A premium quality microcell sponge, contoured to an ergonomic shape for maximum comfort and surface area cleaning.

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Muc-Off Microfibre Cloth (40x40cm) - A gateway to effortless cleaning, drying and polishing power at your fingertips! Muc-Off Microfibre cloths contain a ‘split-fibre’ technology, that vastly increases surface area absorbency to easily eliminate smears and blemishes.

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All of which is contained within a bespoke 15-litre Triumph/Muc-Off branded Drybag, which is not only is a great place to store your cleaning products but also doubles as a bucket thanks to its waterproof properties.

The 'Motorcycle Care Kit' is available in Triumph dealers exclusively for just £59.99 RRP, a saving of over £20 (if products brought individually)! Available worldwide, exclusively from your local Triumph Dealer - Order yours today and dont let the thought of a dirty bike stop you from enjoying the great outdoors!

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