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5 Reasons Why Warming-Up Matters – Especially in the Winter


The benefits and research around warming up all lead positively to an increase in cardio vascular health and preparing your muscles for exertion and let’s face it, when the temperatures plummeting, we need the warm-up time to mentally prepare ourselves as well.

5 Reasons Why Warming Up Matters - Especially In Winter

Below are 5 reasons why it’s an great idea!

  1. Extra calorie burning – After the festive season we may be in need to burn off a few extra calories so warming up can definitely help. In the cold weather, the body has to work harder to keep the body warmer so you’ll burn more calories that is normally stored as fat, with your Winter training schedule, which is an extra bonus. Learn more about how to lose weight.
  2. Reduced injury risk – Warming up can improve coordination, which can help reduce the risk of injury. Staying mobile is important for keeping any injuries (past and possible future) at bay.
  3. Increased coordination - Warming up can help the brain prepare the muscles for a successful execution of movement.
  4. Improved mood – The lower light levels during winter months reduce the feel-good hormones in our brain, which can give us a SAD feeling (Seasonal Affective Disorder) when we get the winter blues due to lack of sunlight. Exercise can boost your mood at any time of the year, but it has particularly profound effects during the Winter months. Read our Good Food, Good Mood 101 blog here.
  5. Increased energy – When you warm-up the temperature of your body and muscles, you’ll enhance the body’s ability to contract and produce force, therefore, increasing the energy in the muscles.

Why Warming Up Matters

EXTRA Considerations

  1. Consider what you’re wearing – Dress in layers so when you start warming up, you can strip your clothing layers accordingly.
  2. Consider a warm-up cream – Topical warm-up cream like the Athlete Performance Luxury Warm Up cream is a great option to gently warm and stimulate the muscles so you’re ready to face everything that Mother Nature throws at you! ADD link to Warm-Up cream! Check out our Luxury Warm Up Cream here.
  3. Consider warming foods – A drop in temperature can stimulate appetite, so you find yourself chilled during a Winter workout then you may find yourself looking for food! Try to stay hydrated with room temperature fluids and eat low GI carbs like oatmeal and sweet potato (try it roasted with a protein topping like tuna mayo), soups with a pinch of chili pepper for a heat kick and grate fresh ginger into stir fries or into your porridge.
  4. Consider hydration – As mentioned above, hydrate with room temperature fluids and drink in between meals so you can start to train the brain to recognise when you’re thirsty and hungry. Drink fluids 20 minutes either side of food. Learn more about the importance of hydration here.
  5. Consider the consequences – Having fitness goals that keep you safe, healthy and injury free are high on our agenda so making sure your training program includes a warm up and cool down to ensure our miraculous bodies can handle all pressure we put it under.

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