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5 tips for looking after your skin


Whether you’re training or competing, you need to take care of your skin. That’s a fact. If you don’t give your body’s largest organ the care it deserves, you risk inflammation, itching and dryness, all of which result in less time working out and more time recovering. Check out our 5 essential tips for taking care of your skin during exercise.

1. Go Natural

First step is to look for products that contain natural ingredients and that are free from petroleum-based products. Using an aftershave that is packed with harsh drying alcohols won’t do your skin any good – in fact, it will likely just cause dryness in the long run. Instead, use products that contain some of nature’s natural moisturisers, like cocoa butter and avocado oil, or ingredients widely accepted for their beneficial skin care properties, like birch extract.

2. Eat Right, Drink Right

Keeping your skin moisturised and protected from the sun is one thing, but nourishment starts from the inside out. Eating the right foods should be the foundation of any athlete’s skin care regime. Fruits and vegetables are a quick-win to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals, whilst natural fats found in avocados and fish act as a natural moisturiser. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water – after all, 64% of your skin is made up of the stuff.

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3. Always Protect Against The Sun

We love it when the sun comes out because it means we can put away the turbo, get in our summer bib shorts and breathe some fresh air. But with the warmer weather comes extra skin care considerations, namely protecting it against harmful UV rays. Make sure you apply a layer of sun cream before you head out, and keep a top-up with you for the ride. Remember that when you wipe away sweat, you’re also removing your protection. Use a product that hydrates the skin whilst protecting it, like our Athlete Performance Luxury Moisturiser with SPF 15.

4. Shaving Is NOT Just To Get More Aero

Contrary to popular belief, (most) cyclists do not shave their legs to cut a few seconds off their personal best. The real reason is to protect against infection. If you come off your bike and scrape your skin, the injury will heal cleaner if it’s not matted with hair. When shaving your face or body, look for a product that contains natural ingredients to nourish and soothe the skin, like our Athlete Performance Luxury Shaving Cream.

5. Put The Time In For Recovery

After an intense workout, it’s the easiest thing in the world to just chuck your gear in a corner and put your feet up. But try and resist that urge. Complete a proper cooldown routine at the minimum and, if you can, get a professional massage. Again, ensure that your masseuse uses products that contain natural ingredients, such as ginger extract, which helps create a natural warming sensation that eases post-workout tension.

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