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Food on the Go


One of the biggest obstacles of eating healthily during the week is the balance of “food on the go”.

Food on the go can mean buying a take-away, picking up food at a service station, packing a picnic or taking your lunch to work. Whichever it is to you, finding or sticking with healthy options can be tricky so let’s take a look at some tips to make it easier to getting a balanced diet “on the go”.

Food On the Go

We’ll start with:

A) Meal planning.

  1. Look at recipes from blogs, books, magazines, online and start a file either online or offline to keep organised.
  2. Ask your family, partner, roommate to contribute to the planning and choosing their favourite dish.
  3. Write a weekly planner of breakfasts, lunches, diners and snacks and take into consideration whether you’ll be travelling, kids are out, preparing for an event or you have a networking breakfast booked then you can plan accordingly.
  4. Write a shopping list of the foods needed for the weekly shop.

B) Cook in Bulk

  1. Make a few extra portions then you can freeze it down in pre-portioned ready to go meals to take with you to work or on a picnic. Make sure you label the container with date made, use by date (normally 3 months) and name of the dish.
  2. Don’t stack all left over in the fridge to later be thrown away which completely defeats the purpose.

C) Snacking

  1. Have a few different store bought snacks on hand for when you’re in a rush and need to grab and go. Looks at nuts, seeds, dried fruit, fruit and vegetables and dips as store bought treats.
  2. Make some healthy snacks like popcorn (then you can regulate the salt), flapjacks (then you can regulate the sugar), cookies (you can make some great gluten-free, high protein cookies and you can freeze them too).

D) Drinks

  1. Have some fresh mint, fresh ginger and also a lemon cut up the fridge to add to hot water and make natural hot drinks throughout the day and you can easily take it in a flask.
  2. Sustainable coffee cup for on the go coffee and hot drinks.
  3. Have a water bottle on hand or bottled water ready to go.

E) Have all kitchen equipment up to speed

  1. Microwave, slow cooker, blender and all equipment in working order.
  2. Spice rack loaded with colourful spices to add natural flavour to all your meals.

Now that you’re prepared to have healthier food on the go, you’ll feel the benefits of eating more energising meals and you’ll save money too, so be creative, be organised and be in control of how you fuel yourself on a daily basis.

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