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What are Amino Acids?


Whether you're a recreational athlete, weekend warrior or a professional competitor, we're all interested in finding out exactly what state our body is in and how we can unlock our potential by understanding our weaknesses from the inside out, so we can put a program in place to correct it. Understanding and listening to our body is the first step towards pushing yourself to new limits.

What are amino acids?

The human body is made up of approximately twenty percent protein, which plays a crucial role in almost all the biological processes and amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.

Our cells, muscles and tissues are made up of amino acids meaning they carry out many important bodily functions including playing a key role in the transport and storage of nutrients.

Amino acids have an influence on the function of the organs, glands, tendons and arteries. They also are essential for healing wounds and repairing tissue especially in the muscles, bones, skin and hair.

Your body requires twenty amino acids to perform all the necessary functions.

There are nine essential amino acids (which aren't manufactured by your body) and eleven non-essential amino acids (which the body manufactures itself). You must consume the nine essential amino acids from food sources in your regular diet.

Why L-Arginine?

The amino acid L-arginine is a non-essential amino acid so your body does manufacture it on its own although, in certain circumstances like trauma or illness then your body may have an impaired manufacturing rate and not keep up with the demand.

Benefits of L-Arginine

One of the biggest benefits of L-arginine is the role as a precursor to the production of nitric oxide (1). The function of nitric oxide helps to open up the veins and the arteries making it easier for blood, and all the oxygen and nutrients it carries to flow freely through the body.

So the more flexible the veins and arteries are, the more easily when the heart pumps the blood out of the arteries, it transports the blood, oxygen and nutrients easier throughout the body providing a feeling of explosive energy. So what if there was a topical cream that could provide L-arginine to targeted areas of your body.

Benefits of Taurine

Amongst many benefits of the amino acid taurine, it is shown to increase the mechanical threshold for the skeletal muscle fibre contractions meaning that your muscle fibres can withstand greater stresses for periods of time. (2)

Ultimately, taurine can facilitate the re-synthesis of the energy in the muscles and stimulate the body to work harder.

Benefits of Glutamine

During your strenuous training routine, muscle glutamine can become depleted often resulting in leaving your muscles tired and damaged and looking for replenishment. The loss of glutamine can lead to inflammation, a slower response time, decrease in energy and also loss of muscle fluid (3). All of these responses together can make the recovery process slower which could potentially limit your future training if you don't get adequate rest.

What is topical and trans-dermal delivery technology?

Both topical and trans-dermal technology are applied to the skin and the product is carried through the skin into the blood stream. Trans-dermal medication is designed to penetrate the lower layers of the skin with the use of certain chemicals.

Explosive Power is a natural product that is applied topically to the skin on muscle groups you wish to increase the absorption of L-arginine. When used before and during exercise it gives a targeted application of L-arginine to the exact place that can benefit from the amino acid.

Ultra Endurance directly delivers the pure amino acid taurine in a simple topical cream placed directly into targeted areas of the body where your muscles can benefits from the effects before and during exercise.

Recovery Balm contains the amino acid glutamine and with other cooling and revitalizing ingredients, it will help the muscles feel more revived and reconditioned by providing targeted glutamine to a localised area.





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