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Reducing Lactic Acid


There are several medical reasons as to why excessive amounts of lactic acid exist within your muscles, the most common reason being vigorous exercise. Lactic acid removal is a growing concern for many athletes because even though the discomfort is temporary, the impact on physical performance can be debilitating.

Your body creates lactic acid naturally, and regularly, in tiny amounts to assist with several biochemical processes. However, when acid is produced at a rate faster than your body can naturally remove, it produces a condition called lactic acidosis. During exercise, lactic acidosis can occur if your exercise intensity is such that your muscles need more fuel than is readily available. So, when your body has run out of oxygen to fuel your muscles, lactic acid buildup occurs as a byproduct of glucose being used as a fuel substitute. The acid buildup causes discomfort, primarily in the form of a burning sensations in your muscles.

The great news is that lactic acid tends to dissipate naturally, once the intensity of your exercise is decreased or stopped completely. This happens because the need for the glucose fuel substitute has diminished, and in turn, the acid byproduct begins to disperse. The muscle discomfort that you feel is associated with the acidosis which also dissipates as your exercise pace decreases. The natural elimination of lactic acid can happen within an hour of stopping exercise.

Despite the removal of lactic acid occurring naturally, some athletes believe hot baths and sports massages are useful in aiding the removal of lactic acid. Nutritionally, proper hydration, magnesium rich foods such as green, leafy vegetables and cherry juice, have all been associated with a faster removal of lactic acid. As you gradually and progressively become more physically fit, your body will become more efficient at using and managing its primary fuel, oxygen, which in return equates to a decrease in the intensity of extreme lactic acid buildup.

Since the arteries carry oxygenated blood to the tissues, the more flexible the arteries are, the more oxygenated blood can be pumped around, reducing the likelihood of lactic acid build up. This is where the Athlete Performance Range comes in; the AP Explosive Power is a natural product containing Arginine- renowned for contributing to the production of nitric oxide- which helps make the arteries more flexible. This increased blood supply improves the availability of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and assists in strengthening the immune system and increasing energy levels. The vasodilating effect of Arginine also reduces the heart’s workload which increases cardiovascular performance.

The benefit of using Amino acids in a cream is that you can feel them working almost instantly, they are being delivered into the bloodstream directly through the muscles rather than having to be ingested like tablets. Our cream enables precise application of Amino’s, directly to the most important muscles used in your sport.

Tip: Combine Amino Ultra Endurance and Amino Explosive Power for combined strength and endurance sports.

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