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Keeping Your Ride Safe and Secure


Get Your Head Around Bike Safety

Bikes are expensive to replace and insurance claims can be time consuming, often leaving you without your ride for some time. With over 300,000 bikes stolen every year, it’s time to get clued up on bike security. Check out our own handy tips to keep your bike in your possession.

Pick Your Spot and Always Assess Your Surroundings

If you're uncomfortable leaving your bike in a location, follow your instinct. Ride for five more minutes and find a better spot - it’s an easy trade-off against losing your bike.

A simple checklist to complete when assessing a location is:

  • Can the bike be seen? Thieves don’t like to be watched and will be deterred from unwanted observers.
  • Are there CCTV cameras around the bike lock area?
  • Have I left my bike here before? Bike thieves will observe locations regularly to assess whether a high value bike is locked up there.
  • Am I leaving my bike indoors or outdoors? Bike thieves are just as likely to steal your pride and joy from your house as on the street. Always lock up whenever you’re not riding your bike.

A Good Lock Makes a Difference

Picking the right lock for you can be confusing even at the best of times. Locks come in all shapes and sizes, and any serious rider is aware of the constant tradeoff between security and weight.

In response, Muc-Off has teamed up with Hiplok to release a custom-branded FLX sight lock. Its retractable cable lock is perfect for nipping into a shop or to the loo on a long ride. Thanks to its CLIP + RIDE system, it can also be worn on a jersey or stored in a pocket.

When leaving your bike unattended for any considerable amount of time, it’s important to secure your bike with a D lock both outdoors and when at home.

Take Your Accessories With You

Accessories aren’t cheap – so don’t leave them behind! Make sure to take your lid, lights, cadence sensor and any other high value electricals with you. These items made quick work of by thieves.

Tag It! Leave Your Mark and Keep a Record

The police will want to know your frame number, make and any other key features of your bikem if it’s stolen, so record these details in your cycling notebook. By signing up to a national database, like the Bike Register, you can easily help police to identify your bike if reported stolen.

With these tips and tricks, hopefully you’ll be one step ahead of the bike thieves.

Happy riding!

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