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Taking the hard work out of polishing your parts!

Muc-Off Polishing Ball and Polish

From Chrome to Aluminium and Stainless, polishing metalwork, engine casings and exhausts has long been a painstaking task, undertaken during only the most vacant of weekends or dedicated of detailers to keep their bikes in showroom condition and sparkling proudly at bike meets!

Muc-Off realised there must be another way to offer fantastic results in a fraction of the time (and elbow grease!), and so the Muc-Off orbital polishing head was developed, along with an advanced polishing compound to give excellent results in no time at all. It easy to use and dexterous enough to fit into the nooks and crannies of any motorcycle and achieve fantastic results in minutes, not hours! Simply install the polishing ball into the chuck of any 10mm compatible Cordless/Corded Drill or air tool and you are ready to buff!

The soft polishing material the head is constructed from will not shed lint or scratch your surfaces, it glides over smooth or textured surfaces polishing the surface as it goes with the minimum of force required. The Polishing ball is bolstered by a 200mm extension to allow for extra depth when cleaning even the deepest recesses of your bike and furthermore is small enough to fit in between casings and wheel spokes too so no part of your bike need be neglected. After use, the polishing ball can simply be washed and is then ready to be reused again and again.

But dont think the polishing ball is only for metal. It works equally well on plastics bodywork, taillights, plastic windscreens. Muc-Off's advanced polish removes bluing, road film/grime and burn marks from pipes as well as removing oxidation (rust!),  tarnished metals from chrome, brass, copper, aluminium and steel. It's also a non-dusting formula and won't leave a white residue behind.

Using it couldn't be simpler, follow the below instructions. 

Step 1: Unpack your Polishing Ball kit and ensure the tool operates freely, then install into your power/air tools chuck.

Step 2: Apply a small amount of Metal Polish compound to the polishing ball head.

Step 3: Start off at a lower RPM, starting off too quickly will result in flinging the compound across your workshop! Work your way up to a good buffing speed, moving the head in straight lines to ensure best results and top up with extra polishing compound as needed.
You won't need to apply an overabundance of pressure to the tool either, let the tool and the polishing compound do the hard work for you. 

Step 4: With a clean microfibre cloth, wipe the component over removing any remaining polishing compound and any excess product from the item, bringing it up to a beautiful shine.


You can now enjoy this kit for an exceptional discount via our online shop for a limited time only!

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