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    £ 5.00

    Our multi-purpose wonder spray that was built for bikes, not bolts!

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    • Frees seized parts
    • Disperses moisture to prevent rust and corrosion
    • Provides light lubrication for moving parts
    • Reduces metal to metal contact
    • Prevents dirt adhesion
    • Cuts down on friction to improve component efficiency


    Looking for an all round wonder spray? Look no further! Muc-Off MO-94 covers all the bases with its incredible PTFE formula to quickly and effectively penetrate moisture, lubricate moving parts and leave a long lasting protective film. MO-94 prevents dirt adhesion and also drives out excess water to keep rust and corrosion at bay.

    MO-94 isn’t just for bikes, motorcycles or cars. Nope. It works on just about anything. Whether you’ve got a squeaky door hinge, a rusty lock or a bolt that you just can’t turn, MO-94 is all you need.

    Directions for use:

    Step 1 - Spray on desired area for treatment.

    Step 2 - Allow area to dry. For best results and to ensure the protective PTFE film remains in place, do not wipe area after application or treatment.

    *Just remember not to apply MO-94 to your bike’s tyre treads and braking surfaces!

    **Unfortunately, we are unable to ship aerosols outside of mainland UK at this time. 

    More Info

    • Info about Contains P.T.F.E.

      Contains P.T.F.E. Our formula contains polytetrafluoroethylene (P.T.F.E) which greatly reduces friction, wear and energy consumption.

    • Info about Water Dispersant

      Water Dispersant Our formula acts as a powerful water dispersant to prevent rust and corrosion.

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    Product #: 182 Name: Manufacturer: MUC OFF
    Description: Our multi-purpose wonder spray that was built for bikes, not bolts!
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