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    Shower Scrub
    £ 5.00

    The shower scrub for the adrenaline fueled athlete.

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    • Formulated with sea salts, coconut and palm
    • Gently cleans blocked pores
    • Added mandarin oils moisturise skin
    • Natural sea salts remove dead skin cells
    • Boosts circulation
    • Deep cleansing attributes
    • Paraben and Formaldehyde free


    You push yourself hard and put your body through hell in the pursuit of going faster, harder and achieving general awesomeness. But after hanging up your helmet, it’s time to sort your body out.

    That’s where Muc-Off Shower Scrub comes in. Formulated with ingredients from palm, coconut and sea salts, Shower Scrub will deep clean your skin, remove dead skin cells, boost circulation and clean blocked pores to leave you feeling fresh and healthy. We’ve even added mandarin oils to help smooth your skin to perfection! And, like all Muc-Off rider care formulas, our Shower Scrub is Paraben and Formaldehyde free.

    More Info

    • Info about Paraben Free

      Paraben Free Our formula is free from Parabens and is suitable for sensitive skin.

    • Info about Coconut Based

      Coconut Based This Rider Care formula uses coconut based ingredients.

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    Product #: 171 Name: Manufacturer: MUC OFF
    Description: The shower scrub for the adrenaline fueled athlete.
    Category: rider-care Availability: In Stock Price: £5.00 Link: Shower Scrub
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