Bike parts are prone to corrosion and need that regular TLC to keep them looking fresh and running smoothly on the road. We have put together three simple steps that you can follow, and get your kids involved in, to make it a quick and fun activity across our Clean, Protect and Lube process. The end goal of this is to get your kid’s bike looking top notch before they ride to school. At the end of the day a clean bike is a happy bike!

1. Clean

To clean the drivetrain, you want to use a product which is easy to apply.

  • Take our Bio Drivetrain Cleaner, give it a good shake
  • Spray it onto the drivetrain (that’s the chain, front and rear cassettes on the bike)
  • Agitate with our Claw Brush to get that grease and grime off
  • Wash it all off with water

How easy is that? Not to mention it is biodegradable and will keep your kid’s drivetrain running extra smoothly!

Next, it’s time to ensure your kid’s bike frame looks top notch. We at Muc-Off all know the secret to this, our pink Nano Tech Bike Cleaner. 

  • Apply a decent amount to your child’s bike frame
  • Leave it for a few minutes to do its magic (time for you to go make a brew!)
  • Agitate it with our Soft Washing Brush
  • Once all that dirt has been lifted from the frame, wash it off with water to see the glistening results!

For the next stage, you will need to make sure the frame is dry by using our Microfibre Polishing Cloth.

2. Protect

Next is that all important protect stage. A coat of our MO-94 will drive out moisture and make it harder for dirt to adhere to the frame in the future.

  • Spray it on to any metal or moving parts (this will help to keep the rust at bay!)
  • Allow it to dry without wiping the area.

Remember to accompany your child if they are using this product as it is a flammable aerosol.

3. Lube

Lubricating your bike is the final step to ensure your child’s drivetrain runs smoothly. Our lubricants are super easy to use!

  • Apply a little bit of our Bio Dry Lube or Bio Wet Lube (depending on the weather conditions) to each link by running it underneath the chain, backpedalling at the same time.
  • Make sure you cover every link!
  • Finally, you will need to wipe off any excess lube with our Microfibre cloth.

And there you have it! Your kid’s bike should be looking fly and ready to roll!