Get prepped for summer

With the dry, sunny weather finally making an appearance once again – it’s likely that you’re dusting off your bike after a long winter and getting ready to ride again. Months in storage can set your machine back in terms of maintenance and performance, so its super important to do a thorough check over your components and prep them for the roads before riding.

Here’s a few of our top tips for getting back on the road…

Give your bike a good clean

Okay, hear us out – just because you’ve stored your bike securely and wrapped it in a dust sheet, doesn’t mean it'll come out just as sparkling as it was when you stored it way back in the autumn. Grime, dust and damp can all build up on your bodywork and componentry, which not only looks a bit naff but can hinder your bikes power and performance too.

We’d recommend using a bottle of Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner for a full wash down, or if things are only dusty then get your hands on a bottle of High-Performance Waterless Wash. A good clean down will leave your bodywork looking fresh and ready to hit the road.

Make sure your chain is prepped and ready

Chain maintenance is one of the most important steps in your bike care regime, and it’s integral to look after your drivetrain to avoid nasty corrosion and wear.

We recommend doing a full, deep clean of your chain before getting back in your leathers, starting with our Biodegradable Chain Cleaner. Spray the chain cleaner all over the chain, rotating the wheel if possible, then use our Motorcycle Chain Brush to agitate and draw out and deep hidden dirt – the three-sided brush gets deep into the link to ensure a thorough clean. Either wipe away the residue or give it a second spray of chain cleaner and watch the dirt drip away.

Applying Muc-Off Chain Cleaner to motorcycle

When your chain is dry, give it a good application of Motorcycle Dry Weather Chain Lube. Specially formulated to work better for longer in dry and dusty conditions, this lube reduces metal-to-metal wear and provides chain efficiency under pressure.

Applying Dry Chain Lube to a motorcycle

Give your components a little bit of love

If your ride has been exposed to any elements or damp in storage, you might notice stiffness or corrosion on your components. Don’t worry, we’ve got a solution for that! Get yourself some Bio MO-94, our toolbox in a can covers a whole range of bases from component care to driving out moisture and we couldn’t live without it. Use it on your seized foot pegs, brake levers or rusty nuts and bolts to free them up and keep further corrosion at bay.

Applying MO-94 to a motorcycle

Protection is key

You’ve deep-cleaned your drivetrain, gutted the grime and cared for your components – now for the fun part… detailing. If you’re looking for a quick and easy shine on your bodywork, get yourself some Speed Polish. This all-in-one polish and wax keeps your ride looking factory fresh with a glossy finish, and leaves a hydrophobic barrier that keeps contaminants and water out.

Know you’ll be riding somewhere dusty? Get Silicon Shine! It leaves your paintwork looking super fresh while reducing dirt adhesion to make the next clean a little bit easier. It’s also a great friction reducer, so make sure you keep it away from your braking surfaces and tyre treads.

Applying Speed Polish to a motorcycle

So that’s it – we’d recommend keeping up your maintenance throughout the summer months too, including regular cleans, protection and chain lubricant. You’ll only get out of your bike what you put in, so if you take care of your bike, it’ll take care of you!