When it comes to performance, little beats that thrill of instant power and control that a sports bike delivers. Smooth shifting through the box under acceleration and then wiping off power with the balance of hand and foot is addictive.  In order to ensure that performance delivers time and time again, having the right care program is essential.

Damaged paintwork, corrosion, power loss and overly worn components can be tackled with our 3 step process.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to clean, protect, and lube your sports bike to get it back to that that factory-fresh look, and racetrack-ready performance. 

Step 1: CLEAN!

Firstly, why do you need to clean your sports bike?

A clean bike is a fast bike. By cleaning your motorcycle regularly, you'll reduce the likelihood of components corroding, stop contaminants from creating wear and also simply keeping it looking mint.

How to clean your Sports bike

What you’ll need:

Firstly, you’ll need to start by cleaning the chain using our Powersports Drivetrain Cleaner. This will remove any grime, mud or oil build up on your chain and sprockets.

Step 1: Spray all over the drive chain including chain, sprockets and other drivetrain components.

Step 2: Leave for up to 1 minute and agitate with our Chain Brush

Step 3: After agitation thoroughly rinse off with water making sure all the formula has been removed.

Step 4: Wave chain brush in air like a light saber (noise making is optional)

Next, you’ll need to clean the rest of your bike to remove any grime or dirt build up from the road by using our Pressure Washer and Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner. Our pressure washer has been specifically designed to be kind to bikes.

Step 1: Connect the Muc-Off Pressure Washer to a mains-power source and a water outlet with a suitable connection

Step 2: Using the Motorcycle specific lance, give your bike a thorough rinse using just water to soften dirt and grime

Step 3: Take the snow foam lance attachment, connect it up with the Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner, adjust the foam nozzle accordingly, and hit your entire bike with some snow foam

Step 4: Allow 3-5 minutes for the formula to work its magic

Step 5: Agitate any stubborn grime with our Wash Mitt which has been designed to be soft on paintwork and tough on dirt.

Step 6: Re-connect the motorcycle specific lance and rinse your entire bike thoroughly

Step 7: Use a clean Microfibre cloth to dry the bike off and avoid any unsightly water marks on paint, metal and plastics.

Step 8: High 5 yourself with Wash Mitt.


Step 2: PROTECT!

Firstly, why do you need to protect your sports bike?

Applying protection sprays after you have cleaned your sports bike will help to create a protective layer, keeping that dreaded rust and corrosion at bay. It will also help to repel dirt and grime build up from the road, meaning you can clock up more miles riding rather than more minutes cleaning! Remember to avoid any overspray on brakes and tyres.

How to protect your sports bike

What you’ll need:

To stop rust from forming on bolts and brake levers, you’ll need to use MO-94 to drive out any remaining water after cleaning your sports bike.

Step 1: Spray MO-94 over the desired area for treatment. You can use the pink directional straw for smaller, harder to reach parts

Step 2: Wipe away any excess using a Microfibre cloth

Step 3: Give yourself a quick smug smile in the mirror

Next, you’ll want to protect your engine, casing and metal components from road salt and general grime using our Motorcycle Protectant.

Step 1: Apply Motorcycle Protectant to disperse remaining moisture on your engine and metal components leaving a protective layer over your bike

Step 2: Wipe off any excess fluid using a Microfibre Cloth and leave to dry

Step 3: Flex biceps

Finally, to get your Sports bike looking box fresh, you’ll need to use our Speed Polish which will contains a wax and polish combo that will leave an awesome finish and a hydrophobic water resistant layer.

Step 1: Apply Speed Polish to any paintwork

Step 2: Buff in with our Microfibre Cloth

Step 3: Stand back, admire, post pics of your work on the gram

Step 3: LUBE!

Firstly, why do you need to lube your sports bike?

A well-lubed chain will help reduce power loss to the rear wheel from frictional losses caused by trapped contaminants in the links. Lubing your chain AFTER you have ensured it is squeaky clean will help reduce the wear between the chain and sprocket, reducing stretch, and protecting against corrosion, therefore extending the life of your chain and maximise power transfer to the rear wheel.

How to lube your sports bike

What you’ll need:

Once you have Cleaned and Protected your sports bike, you’ll need to apply our All-Weather Chain Lube to keep your steed running sweet!

Step 1: Spray a moderate amount of Muc-Off All-Weather Chain Lube to the inside chain link while spinning your back wheel in a reverse motion (a paddock stand comes in handy here)

Step 2: Wipe of any excess with a Microfibre Cloth. For optimum performance and leave to soak in overnight

Step 3: Dream of warm weather, empty roads and keeping the shiny side up