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Bicycle Care

Learn how to clean and maintain your bike in our How To Hub on bicycle care.

What is Snow Foam and how do I use it?

One of the questions we get asked all the time is ‘what is...

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How to Adjust & Tighten Bicycle Rim Brakes

When you’re bombing it down a hill or going fast on a busy...

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How to clean your bike in an apartment

Cleaning your bike inside can be a pain and messy. But it doesn't...

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How to Stop Bicycle Brakes from Squeaking?

Is there anything more annoying than squeaking or howling brakes on your bike?...

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How to degrease your bike chain

One important step that people often miss when cleaning their bikes is to...

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Our Complete Guide to Chain Lube

You have cleaned your bike after it’s last filthy ride, it is spotless!...

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How to lube a bike chain

So you've cleaned your bike chain and now you need to know how...

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How to Change a Bike Tyre

Are your tyres worn out, full of holes or do you just fancy...

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How to measure your bike's wheel size

Where to start? The world of wheels can be a confusing one! You...

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