If you're new to the world of tubeless tyres, seating them onto the rim might seem like a daunting task, but trust us on this, it’s a piece of puncture-free cake!

In this blog post, we'll show you three options for seating your tubeless tyres, and don’t worry, none of them involve a compressor because how many of us have one of those lying around?


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First up we’re going to cover off the basics involved. To seat any tubeless tyre, you need to make sure your set up is tubeless ready, so check to see if your rims and tyres are.

You'll need maximum airflow to seat your tyre bead onto the rim, so to do this you'll need to remove the valve core on your tubeless valve caps. You can do this by using a valve core remover tool (Our Tubeless Valves come with one built in to the cap) – This is pretty simple to do, just place the tool onto the valve and turn it clockwise to remove the core.


That’s everything prepped, let's move on to the three easy ways to seat your tubeless tyres:


Option 1: Standard Track Pump: 

Most riders will have a track pump, and despite the rumours, you can pop the tyre onto the bead with most tyre set ups. Just fix the pump over the empty valves stem, pump as hard and as fast as you can until you hear that satisfying ‘ping’ or ‘pop’ of the tyre snapping into place on the bead. Now, this won’t work on every tyre, but it will work on most. Big MTB tyres, particularly 29er tyres have so much volume that you might not be able to get the ‘rush' of air need to get that pop – but don’t worry, we’ve got two more options for you.


Option 2: Track Pump with Air Chamber:

Invest a little bit extra in an Air Chamber pump and you’ll be popping beads in seconds. You can pump up the air chamber at your own pace, then just twist the dial to send a sudden rush of air into the tyre, which will set the bead onto the rim. This is a great option for tyres with more volume.


Option 3: CO2 Cannister:

Our CO2 Inflator Kits for MTB and Road pack more than enough punch to seat the tyre bead onto the rim instantly, and the best part about this option is that you don't even need to remove the valve core! Just fix it to the valve and hit the button to let the pressurised cannister do it's thing.

So those are the options – Is there anything else you need to do to finish setting up tubeless? Yes, but not much!

Once you’ve got the bead firmly seated around the rim, take the pump or cannister off the valve and send the air rushing out (the tyre will stay put in the bead), add your tubeless sealant, replace the valve core, then finish off by pumping the tyre up with any kind of pump you like!