Cleaning your bike inside can be a pain and messy. But it doesn't have to be!

If you live in a flat or apartment, you might think your options are pretty limited when it comes to cleaning your bike

Well, fear not, we have a simple and easy solution to clean your bike indoors and ensure your pride and joy is looking sweet and running smoothly without the need for water!

Here's our resident bike guru, Chopper, explaining how it's done.


What you'll need


Step 1: Find a suitable location

The first thing we need to do is think about location. Ideally, you'll need a well ventilated area. Before we can crack on with cleaning, put a Bike Mat down to help protect the floor as well as collect all the dirt and grime. 


Step 2: Cleaning the chain

Chopper's opted for our Bio Chain Doc as his weapon of choice to clean his bike's chain. The combination of strong brushes and our strong cleaner will work wonders on a grimey chain. It also collects all that dirty grease and oil, keeping the surrounding area clean.

Then run the chain through a Luxury Microfibre Cloth to remove any excess solution from the chain.


Using MO-94

Step 3: Cleaning the rest of the bike

Now it's time to clean the rest of the bike. This is where Waterless Wash comes in. Just spray away! There’s no need for rinsing with our High Performance Waterless Wash, it gets the job done all on its own. Once you've covered the entire bike, simply wipe away the dirt using a Microfibre Cloth.


Using Waterless Wash


Step 4: It's time to protect the bike

Spray MO-94 onto all of the bike's bolts and components to avoid rust and corrosion, ultimately extending the lifespan of the bike. It's important that you cover your brakes (either pads or discs) when applying a protection spray. If you have disc brakes, we recommend you use our Disc Brake Covers to prevent overspray.


Using MO-94


Step 5: Final step, apply bike lube to your chain

Lubricating your chain will help your bike run and feel smoother to pedal. It'll also prolong the life of your chain too. When applying bike lube, you want to apply it directly to the bottom part of your chain, covering each link, while pedalling backwards. 

Once finished, continue to pedal backwards while holding a Microfibre Cloth alongside the chain. This will help to remove any excess.


Applying Dry Lube