Tested and refined over the last three years by the industry’s leading tribologists, Ludicrous AF has been pro-peloton-approved for taking speed and performance to an entirely new level. Thanks to their state-of-the-art R&D facility, our Muc-Off boffins have created a true masterpiece – an ultra-low-friction, highly durable lube which allows you to go harder and faster for longer than ever before. Basically, it’s fast as f**k!


Developed with INEOS Grenadiers, EF Education-NIPPO and deployed on the Olympic stage, winning 6 gold medals in 2021. Ludicrous AF has been built to take on all conditions at the highest level of racing. Tested during the 2020 season and perfected for 2021, this badass lube has already taken multiple podiums and an overall win at the 2021 Giro d’Italia.


For Ludicrous AF, simplicity is king. It’s all about a few essential ingredients, that are dialled-in to work together in perfect harmony. This is a race lube after all, so it's a pure, stripped back performance focussed bottle of speed. That means no colouring, no fragrance and no additional corrosion inhibitor. Just a unique blend of environmentally friendly raw ingredients designed to minimise chain friction and wear – so you can put some serious power down, mile after mile!


Ludicrous AF changes the game. When applied to a chain, it penetrates chain link scars to create a sheer plane – which means more speed! The molecules in the formula charge up, which helps to accelerate both chain and rider by reducing friction and power loss. The proprietary additives contain synthetic polymers, which are designed for long-distance performance. This means class-leading low levels of wear on chain components, making it super-fast and super-durable. This provides unbeatable performance in both wet and damp or dry and dusty conditions at a range of temperatures. All in all, it hits any other competitor chain lube or wax out of the park


When developing a chain lube for the world’s fastest riders, nothing but the best will do. We formulated Ludicrous AF to be liquid lightning to help our teams and riders win at the highest level. As we know, less friction means more speed and better shifting efficiency, which is what ludicrous AF is all about. The drivetrain is often overlooked in the search for speed, with gains from wheels, tyres and clothing taking the headlines – Ludicrous AF is the lube to make the world sit up and listen!



We work with the top teams in professional cycling and triathlon, providing them with optimised chains that are often the difference between winning and losing. Our motto: Treated chains = performance gains. We receive hundreds of chains from teams around the world. They’re cleaned multiple times using our state-of-the-art Ultrasonic Tanks and specially formulated cleaner, before being dried, and then optimised on our ‘dyno’. We then give them a thorough coating of Ludicrous AF before packaging them up in James Bond-style briefcases and shipping them back to the world’s best, complete with testing data. We’ll soon be making this process available to everyone – more on that in the coming months!



With Ludicrous AF, shifting is smoother than anything else you will have experienced before. With its easy application, you’ll be able to hit every contact point of the chain for a super-smooth ride. The viscous formula reduces chain noise and rattle for stealthy shredding – who doesn’t love a quiet bike? We’ve even gone to a molecular level with our in-house contour white light interferometer, to study how the lube beds-in to the chain, giving you turbo-charged performance.



The Ludicrous AF formula is non-toxic and readily biodegradable, so you can prep your chain ready for racing, guilt-free! In wet conditions or when a bike is being cleaned, naturally, some lube will get washed away. Unlike other competitor lubes and waxes that often contain harmful ingredients like PTFE, Ludicrous AF won’t leave a toxic oily mess that damages the environment. That’s not all, Ludicrous AF will also prolong the life of your chain and even bring it back to life. The lubricant continues to improve with chain run-in due to continued surface improvement at a molecular level, so you can minimise your environmental wastage by using an existing chain, whilst maintaining the same incredible levels of performance.



You don’t land on a formula for the world’s fastest race lube by accident. It’s taken over three years of testing in our epic R&D facility in Poole, to find the magic combination of ingredients capable of taking the likes of INEOS Grenadiers and EF Education-NIPPO to the highest echelons of the sport. We used a combination of state-of-the-art machinery to craft this winning formula. Chief among which is our tribometer – a sophisticated device that replicates friction-inducing motion in a way that is infinitely controllable. In other words, the metal-to-metal wear that happens on a bicycle drivetrain can be reproduced exactly, to keep conditions consistent while testing hundreds of different formulas.

Then there’s our double-award-winning chain link dynamometer, used to develop lubricants and prepare chains for Tour de France victories, UCI Hour Records and Olympic finals. Built from scratch by the infamous and anonymous Muc-Off Research and Development Technical Director, our dyno helps us test new lubes in a variety of conditions. It can even replicate Tour de France routes in ‘Stage Mode’ so we know that when a lube is used by the world’s best, it’s already been put through its paces.

Whilst our formula is a secret, testing the world’s fastest race lube no longer is. We combine state of the art testing within our class leading lab, independent testing by New Motion Labs, high accuracy, multi-torque transmission efficiency testers, alongside real world test data from our teams and riders to measure every last ounce of performance. Our philosophy is that testing isn’t a milestone or moment in time, it’s a continual process we do every day to check, learn and improve. The result? 10 Grand Tour wins, an hour record and 18 Olympic gold medal wins.


This isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve been changing the game since 1994 when Muc-Off was born. In 2013 we started working with Team Sky (now INEOS) to develop our Hydrodynamic Lube, which has taken them to multiple Tour de France victories. Through the combination of INEOS and EF Education-NIPPO using our products, we now proudly boast 10 Grand Tour titles and counting. With Ludicrous AF aboard a host of bikes this season, this is just the beginning of what will become a world-beating lube legacy!


You’ve seen the facts, figures, and Grand Tour victories, now it’s your turn to feel the speed. Ludicrous AF is the world’s fastest race lube, used by the world’s fastest racers. If you’re serious about speed, what are you waiting for? The future is here and it’s Ludicrous AF!