Pressure Washer Range

Pressure Washers from Muc-Off are transforming the way you clean your bike, forever. Safe on those all-important bearings and delicate surfaces. Check out our pressure washer range - built specifically for bicycles and motorcycles!



Why buy a Muc-Off Pressure Washer? 

Our Pressure Washer is the world’s first that’s built specifically for bikes, and it’s designed to do one thing – give your bike a clean like nothing else! This small but mighty machine is packed full of epic features to make cleaning easier than ever.

What's included with the Muc-Off Pressure Washer? 

All our bundles feature 3 specific lances that are suitable for bikes, motorcycles & a snow foam lance. As well as this they come with a Dry Bag to safely store your Pressure Washer away after cleaning, ready to go for the next use.

Can I use the Muc-Off Pressure Washer on my car? 

Yes, in our humble opinion we think it’s the best pressure washer as an all-rounder for cleaning bikes, cars and motorcycles. As well as outdoor garden furniture, even patios, brickwork & windows without damaging surfaces and paint. With 3 separate nozzles for cars & motorcycles, bicycles and a snow foam lance, choose your weapon and destroy that dirt!

Can the pressure washer be used with a water container and is it portable?

No, the Muc-Off Pressure Washer requires a mains water supply & mains electricity in order to be operated.