Our focus is looking after and protecting your ride whether than be a bicycle, motorcycle or powersports vehicle but you shouldn’t forget to look after yourself in process. 

Whether it’s whilst working on your bike or out shredding it in the hills your hands live a tough life getting covered in as much muck as your bike or moto.  At Muc-Off our gloves come in various shapes and sizes for more jobs that you might have even imagined!

Have you ever used your fingers to clean that awkward little area that the brush just can’t get to? Well with the Deep Scrubber gloves you can keep your fingers protected and dry whilst adding a little extra cleaning performance.  Made from durable, high-strength Silicone with flexible bristles covering the palm and fingers the dirt will have a much tougher job clinging to wherever it shouldn’t be.  Gentle enough for all surfaces but almost good enough to throw out those brushes and spray our Nano Tech Bike Wash straight on the gloves!

If you need to be more of a smooth operator and caress those delicate areas back to a clean finish, then you should be looking at our 2-in-1 Microfibre wash mitt.  One side has a waffle texture to help remove more stubborn dirt whilst you can flip it over to find an ultra-soft & fluffy chenille microfibre material.  The toggles of Microfibre material are great at preventing swirling on your paintwork making this mitt as good for washing your car as it is for your bike or motorcycle.

The last of our non-riding gloves is for when working on your bike rather than washing it.  Our Mechanics glove is a lightweight protective glove designed to maximise grip whilst minimising the effects of the oil and dirt when you’re working on your bike.  It’s not waterproof but will do a great job of protecting your skin whilst undertaking tasks where knocks, cuts and grazed knuckles are often an occupational hazard.  They’re available in 5 different sizes to suit hands of all shapes so you no longer have an excuse not to get stuck into that bit of home mechanic work!

As well as the gloves for cleaning or working on your bike we have a great range for when you need to firmly grip those handlebars and send your steed up or down the trails.

The newest addition to the range is our D3O rider gloves!  These protective riding gloves feature superb knuckle protection provided by the insert of D3O’s wonder material integrated into the uppers.  The viscose polymer material stays wonderfully supple and flexy in normal use but upon impact becomes hardened as it absorbs the forces, spreading the load over the whole area rather than just the impact site.  The rest of the glove features a breathable and durable construction to give you the confidence to push your riding to the next level.  Not only are you getting optimum protection, but the glove can be bought in either our classic Punk or Bolt designs to suit your style!

The glove that the D3O variant built upon was the original Rider glove.  Offered in 7 different designs – from plain black to camo to floral or leopard skin designs you should be able to find one to match your ride and other kit.  They even come in youth sizes - in a cool Shred Hot Chilli Pepper design, plain black or camo colours!!
Again designed with performance in mind with durable yet breathable construction these gloves have got you covered.

When the days are short, nights are long and temperatures are low it’s vital to keep your fingers warm if there’s to be any chance of enjoying your ride and that’s exactly what the Winter Rider gloves are there for.  They have superb features such as the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish, a softshell Thinsulate insulated outer layer plus extended neoprene cuffs to keep the wind out and heat in.  Not only are they fleece lined, with touchscreen-compatible index finger and thumbprints but the cross-pattern design is reflective to help you be seen in the dark!  And of course, we’ve not forgotten to add the much needed microfibre upper thumb patch for wiping that cold, dribbling nose on your journey.  Best used between 3 – 9 degrees Celsius. 

Last but most definitely not least is a glove designed especially for everyone’s favourite time of year to get out on the trails – our Summer Lightweight Mesh Rider glove!

This glove features the same great palm construction of our other premium gloves but replaces the upper with a lighter, more breathable mesh material to help keep your hands that bit cooler when you’re blazing trails in the summer sun!  With the classic silicone printed palms for great grip on the bars this summer favourite comes with our punk patterns over the uppers in either green or Muc-Off pink.  Also featuring the usual touch screen compatible thumb and forefinger to grab all the action whilst in the hills or to make calling your loved ones easier when you need to let them know that you’ll be back late due to the conditions being to blooming good!!

So there really is a glove for any occasion at www.muc-off.com.