Back in the 90s scoring that ultimate line was all about having fun, something Hannes Klausner wants to get back to. Back then, Bobsleds were even more gnarly with crazy downhill routes that were only possible because of the passionate people who built tracks in the mountains. Due to safety reasons this old bobsleigh track wasn't accessible anymore, but Hannes chose to ride those endless curves on his bike. Soak up the radness…

Back to the 90s

What about the idea to just simply shred a new track to have some fun?

To once again shred a new track, to let the emotions go wild and to give the almost forgotten little digital effects and neon colours a revival?

“Why not!”  Hannes Klausner / Pro Mountainbike Rider / Austria


Shredding bikes just for fun without a should or a must.

Coming up with a fun idea just for pure joy for oneself.

Just once again as it was back in the day.


So why not try to find and shred an old and abandoned bob sledge track and try to put the tires on some fresh ground?

Just to get that feeling of screaming heavenward.

Just because it's wicked.


No sooner said than done.

Or even better this time, no sooner said than found.

Trawled through the web and found exactly what we've been thinking of.

That's the place we must go to.

Exactly there.


Once arrived, tons of work waiting for us to even make this place rideable.

So tangly.

Grown together massively.

Abandoned from the pages of a picture book.

And last but not least we discover some gigantic, super slippery and mossy stone walls.

Gonna be interesting for sure.


That's exactly where it should happen.

That's exactly what we came for.

That's where the fun part should have its beginning.

Two days later heaven finally opens its doors from clouds and rain to let the sun come through for a few moments at least.

If not now, then when?

Just a few last looks at the track that's waiting for me before it's finally gonna happen.

Onto the horse and into the deep woods straight into the first berm. YIAHAAHH!

"Speed is your friend," they say

It raises the fun-factor, kicks the adrenaline and makes berms like these rideable in the first place.

Very soon it becomes clear that full speed ahead is the only option.

These curves are massive.

So long, such a huge radius and so steep all of a sudden once you get there.

High speed and full attack is the only way to make it through without getting kicked from the horse.

And this is not an option for sure.

No room for error right there.

Full focus. Full concentration. Full fight.

Eye of the tiger really haha.


Once you're through half of it it's getting tough already and legs are starting to burn.

Burn because of pedaling my ass off to keep the speed that´s needed.

Burn from holding on against the pressure of the berms that feels gigantic.


A true adventure that's for sure.

A wild ride so to say.

 And the most important…

 Can you hear it?

That scream?

That scream of release. Of enthusiasm. Of adrenalin. Of pure joy.

You hear it?

Can you hear that scream we talked about at the beginning?

That scream we came for?

That scream we did all that for?

 This is what it's all about!


Back to the 90s!

Back to the days when biking just had to be fun to be perfect.

When biking just offered the simple things we were longing and searching for.

Joy and freedom.

Pure joy and endless freedom.

Shrilly colours and exciting ideas included.

No rules and no bans.

No should and no must.

Just that simple feeling of riding bikes for fun.

Just because it's wicked.


All I live for really.

 #freerideforever #artofliving

Rider/Idea/Story/Production: Hannes Klausner / @hannes_klausner

Pics/Camera/Cut: Rene Deutschlaender / @rene_deutschlaender

Drone: Wolfgang Lienbacher / @lienbacher