The raddest crew on the downhill circuit, Commencal/Muc-Off. Looking faster than ever in the 2022 race season, Myriam Nicole secured 2nd spot in Elite Women at the World Cup opener in Lourdes with fellow countryman Amaury Pierron securing the win in the Elite Men field. Ahead of the return of one of the toughest tracks on the global circuit, Fort William, Myriam has shared her favourite products to get that new bike feeling every ride!

Across the season we’ll be running through each rider and checking out their Filthy Product Picks…Enjoy!

Myriam Nicole

The two-time World Champion herself, Myriam is hungry to become world cup over winner for the second time in 2022. Taking the second spot in 2020 and 2021, its gloves off now for Pompon.

Myriam’s Filthy Product Picks:

Myriam, what are your favourite Muc-Off products to use on your world championship winning bike?

1. Nano Tech Bike Cleaner

- “Nano Tech Bike Cleaner makes washing my bikes fun. It’s always been a bit annoying washing bikes after any muddy ride but, we can actually says it’s fun now!"

2. Bike Protect

- "The second one would be Bike Protect because it makes the bike look so lush, and clean and shiny. And if my bike looks good it makes me feel good, and if I feel good, I go faster.”

We think Deep Scrubber Gloves are killer with Nano Tech Bike Cleaner, and we’re offering you a Luxury Microfibre Polishing Cloth for that Bike Protect wiping. Check all Commencal / Muc-Off's Filthy Product Picks here, to get 20% off these products use code COMMENCAL20

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