Whether you’re just starting out on riding a bike or it’s been a while since you’ve gotten on two wheels, we’ve put together some top tips on the essential accessories you will need to get pedalling and once you're out, ride puncture free! 

Invest in a good helmet and learn how to fit it! 

If you are new to cycling, trying to figure out which helmet is best for you and understanding how to fit and wear it it properly may seem a bit daunting, but looking after your head is important so let's get to it! 

First of all, if your helmet doesn't fit you properly, it's not going to protect you properly. Some very cheap helmets, can fall back exposing your forehead because the weight distribution of the lid is uneven. Therefore, it is important to invest in a good quality helmet like the ones from our friends at Bell who ensure all their helmets - even their entry-levels ones - are developed to have an even weight distribution to stop this from happening. 

It terms of making sure it fits, measure the circumference of your head with a fabric tape measure and use this to select the right size (there should a key online or speak to the shop assistant if buying in store). Going into a shop to try some helmets on is always handy so you can find which style and brand is most comfortable and fits (and looks good!) Once you have chosen the correct size, it's key that you know how to fit it properly before getting on your bike!

  1. Make sure the helmet is positioned on your head correctly. It should be sat forward, just out of your eyeline and not at the back of your head. 

  2. On the back of most helmets, there is a retention system. Tighten the dial up and shake your head. If the helmet is tight enough, it should stay where it is.

  3. Finally, you will need to tighten the chin strap. This is the most important part as it keeps the helmet on your head if you come off. Tighten it up so you can get no more than three fingers in between the strap and your chin.

With these three steps covered you are good to go!

Fix a light to your bike

Bike lights are an essential bit of kit, especially in winter. When out riding, it's super important to fix a good quality light to your bike so that you are seen and you can see others! In most countries, it's a legal requirement to have a light to the front and the back of your bike when riding in the dark. 

Our friends over at Knog have some great bike lights including the Plus Rear light which comes with a magnetic mounting system so you can easily take the light off your seat post when you get on and off your bike so you don't need to fiddle about trying to get it off or leave it on your bike susceptible to getting nicked. It's also rechargeable with aUSB port so you don’t have to replace any batteries and can carry around the charging cable wherever you go.

Always carry a bike lock

If you're zipping about town and nipping in to get a coffee and pick up something from the shop then you'll need a bike lock! The HipLok Z Lok is ideal for exactly that. If you're leaving your bike outside for longer, get yourself a proper chain lock - the one's like this from HipLok, you can wear around your waist as your riding - clever!

Laugh in the face of punctures!

Punctures are a worry for many cyclists! Nobody wants to find themselves stuck somewhere without the kit or the know-how of how to fix one. Changing an inner tube can be fiddly and frustrating which is why our Muc-Off R&D boffins came up with a couple of hassle-free alternatives. 

No Puncture Hassle Inner Tube Sealant

Our No Puncture Hassle Inner Tube Sealant is super easy-to-install and the cutting edge molecules seal holes in tubes of up to 4mm ensuring that your ride is uninterrupted! Our proprietary water-based non-hazardous formula was developed specifically for use with inner tubes and is compatible with a wide range of bikes!

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Flats no more! Our Bottled-Air-Magic quickly inflates and repairs punctures at the same time by injecting latex foam and air into a tyre or tube. B.A.M is the perfect emergency backup that can be strapped to a bike frame using the B.A.M Utility Belt or carried in a ride pack.

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