The objective was simple. Turn your hobby into a habit.

Whether you commute, ride MTB or road, we wanted you to push for that extra time spent on the bike and as such, challenged you all to clock 5h of riding within this 10-day challenge. 

The results? Absolutely mind-blowing.

And an incredible completion rate of 67% (114K completed the challenge!)

That’s on average 5.7 rides per completed challenge.

Or over 2,000 trips around planet Earth.

The equivalent of 255,000 days (or about 10 times the average human lifetime)

Want to know a crazy stat?

On average over those 10 days, you guys have spent 33% of your time awake riding bikes… and we couldn’t be more stoked about it! This challenge wasn’t just for you though, it was for us too. Here are a few testimonials from Muc-Off HQ.



I managed to log 16 hours 23 minutes and 11 seconds totalling 71 miles. I love a challenge so decided to vary my rides from short blasts at my local trails to long xc rides along the Jurassic coast!



I did 11 ½ hours over the 10 days. 160 miles, 4 rides: 1 MTB and 3 Road. I had planned to ride the Jurassic Beast (100 miles!) during that weekend anyway so it kind of fell into place for me. If I hadn’t planned that ride the challenge would have given me the motivation to get out more and complete the required hours.



The challenge for me was a real test as I’ve been off the bike for a couple months due to an injury and getting back in the saddle and starting to re-build my fitness wasn’t easy! It was just the thing I needed to motivate me to get pedalling again though and I’m super pleased I did it. I made it in just under the wire on the last Sunday and did just over 10 hours but clocked all of it up over the last few days of the challenge.