Brace Yourself…Winter is Coming!

Is your bike ready to weather the winter months? Do not put bike maintenance on ice at this crucial time of year. When it's cold outside bike maintenance is often the last thing we want to do. The real secret to winter riding is keeping on top of maintenance. It is important to deal any problems that might arise quickly by following our simple step by step guide:

Clean Regularly: Riding throughout the winter places a lot of stress on all the moving parts of your bike. Stay on top of keeping your ride clean to avoid an early onset of rust. Wet and muddy roads or tracks fling up all kinds of dirt and muck long after it has stopped raining that is detrimental to your drive train, frame and brakes. Make sure to use our state of the art Nano Tech Bike cleaner to cut through grime and dirt and whatever the weather can throw your way. Pair this with a degreaser or drivetrain cleaner for your chain, sprockets, and chainrings, to help prolong the life of your drivetrain.

Choose Protection: Bike Protect is the ultimate liquid bicycle protection. Preserve and freshen your bike with Bike Protect's incredible water dispersing action! It’s a perfect ‘all over’, after-wash corrosion inhibitor due to its extremely high oil content. This increased oil content creates the finest bike protection spray on the market. It drives out moisture and leaves a sparkling, non-sticky protective layer on your frame, drive chain, metal parts and paintwork. Bike protect helps to avoid dirt adhesion between washes and is the ultimate winter workshop companion.

Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner

Choose a Lube for the Right Conditions You Ride in : The Muc-Off Wet Chain Lube is an ultra-durable, long distance bicycle chain lubricant and oil that’s been specifically formulated to excel over long distances in wet or muddy conditions. Whilst Muc-Offs Hydrodynamic Lube formulated with Team Sky will handle anything winter will throw at you. Our formula strikes the perfect balance between chain lube efficiency and resistance to environmental conditions. This means it gives you the ultimate protection but with an incredibly low friction coefficient, even in the harshest conditions. If you're riding in the harshest of winter weather, our -50 Lube is a great addition to your maintenance program, perfect for if your riding in snowy/icey conditions.

Check for Damage: The time you spend cleaning your bike is also a good chance to give your bike an inspection and look for any broken or worn parts. Even with the world’s best cleaning regime our bikes are prone to taking a bit of a beating during the winter months. Make sure you check all your fittings and moving parts regularly for any corrosion or damage.

Stay Dry: Using a mudguard is often necessary for the winter months to keep you dry, and help your bike last longer. Some models will also give your drivetrain some protection as well from dirt fling up. A good mudguard will often make you a lot more popular with those riding behind you in the winter months!