Wintertime in the UK is real tough for any MTB rider… Wet, muddy, cold and just generally damp, it really takes a toll on man and machine.

I really enjoy riding my eBike through this time of year, however with electrical components, extra stress created by higher torque levels and not to mention the eBikes costing a small fortune, it’s even more important to keep the bike well maintained… so the question is: how do we clean and protect our eBikes from destruction this winter… I’ll show you how!

As you can see from the photos, I’ve just got back from a super muddy but fun session on the eMTB. It’s caked and there’s no way I’ll be putting my bike in the garage this dirty, so I’m going to start this maintenance routine off by cleaning my bike with Waterless Wash

Why Waterless Wash? Firstly, no water required, it’s quick and easy… I have been out in the cold all afternoon so cleaning the bike as fast as possible is what I’m after! Another benefit of using Waterless Wash is the fact that it limits water ingress. Of course, eBikes can get wet, but like all electrical items, it’s always a good idea to try and limit how wet.

Start off by spraying Waterless Wash EVERYWHERE on your eBike (it’s safe for disk brake pads and rotors, so overspray isn’t an issue), then simply wipe the formula off using a clean cloth.

If you’re worried about dirt scratches on your frame, then don’t. The formula is designed to lift the dirt off the frame, meaning that when you wipe your frame clean the dirt will stick to the cloth rather than your bike. Naturally, just make sure not to press down on the frame, but parallel.

Within seconds, you’ll have a bike that’s perfectly cleaned and polished… Magic!

Let’s not forget the chain. This is super important especially on an eBike where the chain is under extra stress due to the higher torque levels. I use Muc-Off’s eBike Dry Chain Cleaner because once again, it’s quick and easy. Spray on, wipe your chain clean, the formula evaporates quickly meaning it’s dry and clean ready for lube!

Time to protect your bike and for the eBike I’m using Ultra Corrosion Defence, which is basically Bike Protect on steroids… It’s the most protective spray that Muc-Off makes, so if you keep your bike in a damp environment, this spray’s as good as it gets.

Spray your whole bike with Ultra Corrosion Defence – the straw nozzle enables you to get into all the nitty gritty areas too, ensuring no corrosion takes place. When you’re done, give the bike one more wipe then you’ll be ready to lube your chain.

When it comes to lube, my winter lube of choice is the eBike Wet Lube… Why? Firstly, it’s a ceramic lube just like Muc-Off’s C3 range, which is super low friction and durable, but it’s also been designed for the higher torque levels found on eBikes.

Apply your lube to the inside of the bottom chain by slowly spinning the cranks backwards. Make sure you do this slowly to ensure that excess lube doesn’t fly off onto the rear brake and cause contamination. The goal is to perfectly sink the lube into the chain links. If you’ve got excess lube (i.e. it’s dripping), then just lightly run the chain on top of a clean cloth to wipe off excess.

So there we have it, a fully dialled-in eBike! Sometimes it can seem a chore to clean your bike after a long cold ride, but with some epic products and this small routine you can put your bike away fresh, and more importantly dialled-in, ready for your next session!