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Introducing the Step On In Bag

Introducing the Step On In Bag

Built for cyclists, athletes and adventurers alike, introducing the new ground-breaking Step On In Bag. A portable changing room that can be used on the go for changing clothes before or after a long muddy ride.

Lightweight, durable and easily transportable, the Step On In Bag is made from heavy duty coated polyester, designed to keep moisture and dirt where you want it – away from the inside of your car or clean kit. Built to handle everything you can throw at it, our heavy-duty bag is designed to withstand even the muddiest of garments, helping to protect your kit from the rough ground (tarmac, concrete, etc).

Muc-Off The Dirtbag

After a quick change, the Step On In Bag can be closed by pulling the two drawstrings that double up as handles, meaning the Step On In Bag can be used for transporting even the grimiest of clothes and accessories straight into the washing machine!

Muc-Off The Dirt Bag

With a built-in padded base, the Step On In Bag keeps your feet clean and comfortable when outside. After laying the bag on the floor allows the user to simply to step into the bag and change their dirty garments straight into the bag.

Muc-Off The Dirt Bag

The Step On In Bag can be used by the avid mountain biker, road cyclist, surfer, swimmer and everything in between - whatever the kit your wearing, the Step On In Bag has got you covered.

Muc-Off The Dirt Bag

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