Going tubeless doesn’t have to be complicated. Ditch the inner tubes with ease, using Muc-Off's complete Tubeless solution - it’s as simple as Prepare, Inflate, Maintain!   

As you already know - at Muc-Off, we are renowned for our iconic Clean, Protect, Lube framework that emphasises just how painless it can be to keep your trusty steed clean. Our three-step Prepare, Inflate, Maintain process makes tubeless riding just as simple - for both beginners and die-hard riders alike.   

At Muc-Off, we hate punctures just as much as your customers do! That’s why we’ve created our epic Tubeless range, containing everything you need to set up a tubeless bike, run a tubeless bike, and, of course, keep your ride running smoothly. From valves to sealant, road bikes to mountain bikes - we've got you covered.  

Muc-Off's 3 Step Process for a Leak-proof Tubeless Set-up:  

Prepare – First up, prepare the wheels. Ensure the rims and tyre are completely free of dust and dirt, and importantly, glue residue – by using our Glue and Sealant Remover. The Muc-Off Tubeless Rim Tape has the right amount of stretch to create a durable seal. We’ve even put together complete Muc-Off Tubeless Set-up Kits, containing everything needed to set up whatever type of two-wheeler your customers are riding. 

Inflate – The Muc-Off Tubeless Valves are made from aircraft aluminium, airtight, and available in a range of colours as well as different valve heights. Not only that, but our V2 Tubeless Valves are now usable with tyre inserts, bringing a new level of reliability for all riders. Before inflating, the insides of the tyres need to be coated in sealant. Our Muc-Off Tubeless Sealant (made with the assistance of the world’s best downhill and pro teams!) will seal any small hole that may appear during a ride - helping your customers to ride uninterrupted. In the unlikely event that a tyre dumps all its air, don’t worry, we’ve thought of that too, and riders can re-inflate a flat tyre anywhere on route with our Muc-Off CO2 Inflator Kit.  

Maintain – With many specialist products available as on-route backups, Muc-Off have you covered for whatever your chosen terrain may throw at you. From BAM! - Muc-Off's innovative Bottled Air Magic formula for a small puncture fast-fix, to our Puncture Plug Repair Kit for those gnarlier holes, we’ve thought of everything to help riders of all styles and abilities to get back on their bike as fast as possible.  

Our high impact illuminated POS stands are available now for you to display in-store. These stands have been designed with the consumer in mind and present the range in a self-explanatory way, enabling smoother and faster sales of these products in your store. 

Contact your account manager or call 01202 307799 for more, or head to MUC-OFFB2B.CO.UK to order today!