Our partnership with the Great Britain Cycling Team has enabled riders to give it their all for almost 10 years now, and our work with British Cycling that began way back in 2012, has been a roaring success. We’ll be hoping the team’s success will continue throughout the summer, as the riders using a wide range of Muc-Off products and services.

Once again, the R&D team have been busy optimising chains, 32 of them to be exact. They come to us from the Great Britain Cycling Team in order to make them as fast as possible with our chain optimisation work, it’s a complicated process, but one that gets results!

They’re cleaned multiple times using our state-of-the-art Ultrasonic Tanks and specially formulated cleaner, before being dried, and then optimised on our ‘dyno’. The dynamometer runs-in the chains to the perfect level, so they’re at their absolute fastest and ready for riders to feel the speed! We then give each chain a thorough coating of our new top-secret lube using our Ultrasonic Tanks, before packaging them up in briefcases and shipping them back to the nation’s best, complete with testing data.

This summer, the team will also be debuting L.O.P.S (Lightweight Oversized Precision Shifting) on their rigs. Originally designed for Mikel Landa at the 2020 Tour de France, L.O.P.S gives riders the smoothest and most precise shift possible, to help them conquer their goals. After extensive testing British Cycling were convinced that L.O.P.S was the real deal, so we’ve been prepping them alongside our oversized pulley wheels to send to the team to be fitted and give the riders another epic competitive advantage!

"We’ve been working with British Cycling for many years now, and it’s a partnership we’re stoked on. We’re always supporting British Cycling team members with our entire Clean, Protect and Lube range, plus they offer us incredible feedback on new products we’re testing. Everyone at Muc-Off is behind the team!" – Alex Trimnell, CEO at Muc-Off.