If you haven’t seen our big blockbuster release called ‘Making Rad’ you’re well and truly missing out. It was the launch video for our highly anticipated Punk Powder, the world’s first plastic-free bike cleaner. Making Rad had it all – drones, Chopper in his pants, Deaks cooking up a storm and RV off-roading. You name it, we did it in the name of Punk Powder.

snow foam for motorbikes and cars

With Punk Powder redefining our cleaning range, it was only right that we launched it with a video that redefined our launch concept. Premiering on YouTube, Making Rad has gone on to become our highest viewed video this year, and we’re only a [week] in!

A video of this quality meant a huge production. The team worked flat out for months concepting, scripting, storyboarding, location scouting, filming and then editing. The finished product might only be three and a half minutes, but it had thousands of hours put into it.

snow foam for motorbikes and cars

For locations, we kept it local to our home of Dorset, England. The airfield where JG made the drop was in Compton Abbas, while the quarry was Suttles in Swanage. Big up to both locations for letting the team work their magic and being so cool about us filming there.

Now onto our star-studded cast. There’s Chopper – pro MTB judge, full-time shredder and Muc-Off Presenter. Then Deaks, our resident loudmouth who knows a thing or two about riding, racing and YouTube vlogging. And Jonny, our Bicycle Marketing Manager, Chelsea fan and jokester. Between them, they put on a performance that some would say was Oscar-worthy. Others would say it was one for Channel 5, but we’ll let you decide.

snow foam for motorbikes and cars

The end result was one of our biggest ever productions. There were crazy outfits (we’re looking at you Chopper), make-up including fake tan for one cast member, an epic RV, a strong moustache, thousands of takes and all-in-all, one epic video. Thanks to everyone involved, we can’t wait to see what the team come up with next.

Until then, check out Making Rad right this way.