Amaury Pierron

Age: 23
Weight: 80 kg
Height: 180 cm
From: France
Nickname: Mohamed (but really Maurice)
Favourite Trail or BikePark: Pierron Bike Park
Favourite Song: Everything
Highlight Result(s):

  • 2018 World Cup Series Champion
  • 2019 World Cup Series Runner-Up
  • 2019 World Championships 3rd Place
  • 6x World Cup Wins

Myriam Nicole

Age: 30
Weight: 60 kg
Height: 165 cm
From: Montpellier, France
Nickname: Pompon
Favourite Trail or BikePark: Whistler
Favourite Song: My Boo - Flume
Highlight Result(s):

  • 2019 World Champion
  • 4x French National Champion
  • European Champion
  • 2017 World Cup Winner

Gaetan Ruffin

Age: 29
Weight: 75 kg
Height: 175 cm
From: Saint-Étienne-de-Cuines, France
Nickname: Gaet
Favourite Trail or BikePark: Whistler
Favourite Song: Rockin’ in the Free World - Neil Young
Highlight Result(s):

  • 29th Les Gets World Cup 2019
  • 7th European Championships 2019

Thibaut Dapréla

Age: 19
Weight: 70 kg
Height: 177 cm
From: Grasse, France
Nickname: TiTi
Favourite Trail or BikePark: San Romolo for the haters
Favourite Song: Papers (feat Ninho) - Zola
Highlight Result(s):

  • 2019 Junior World Cup Champion
  • 2018 Junior World Cup Champion

Remi Thirion

Age: 29
Weight: 73 kg
Height: 174 cm
From: Saint-Die-Des-Vosges, France
Nickname: Mitch
Favourite Trail or BikePark: Home trails
Favourite Song: AC/DC
Highlight Result(s):

  • 2013 Vallnord World Cup Winner
  • Various World Cup Podiums

Thibaut Ruffin

Age: 35
Weight: 86kg
Height: 186cm
From: Saint-Étienne-de-Cuines, France / Québec, Canada
Nickname: Thib, Thibz, Tibaldog
Favourite Trail or BikePark: Whistler
Favourite Song: Huge fan of Queen since the early days
Highlight Result(s):

  • 2016 French National Champion (I beat the **** out Amaury Pierrron :P)
  • 14th-50th Finish at every World Cup haha

Tristan Lemire

Age: 15
Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)
Height: 5’11’’ (180 cm)
From: Montreal, Canada
Nickname: Chris or Marv
Favourite Trail or BikePark: nothing compares to Whistler Bike Park, especially riding Dirt Merchant
Favourite Song: Goosebumps - Travis Scott
Highlight Result(s):

  • 2019 Crankworx Whistler IXS Canadian Open U17 Champion
  • 2019 Pro GRT Junior Champion at Mountain Creek (NY)
  • 2018 Crankworx Whistler IXS Canadian Open U15 Champion
  • 2018 Crankworx Whistler Fox Air DH U15 Champion
  • 2018 US Open U15 Champion