Last week, we launched 'Welcome to Muc-Off Boot Camp', a fun edit where we got our longest-serving rider Ben Deakin to give the new lads on the block, the Green Snow Collective, a few pointers on how to make it as Pro Mountain Bikers.

With Deaks' military background, and being fans of a little Camo ourselves, there was only one theme we could go for: ARMY!

To mark the day, Ben filmed some of the action on his GoPro and put together a fun little behind the scenes video for his YouTube channel. Check it out!

All in all, everyone had a blast and we're stoked with the result. Luca, Luis and Lucas are absolute shredders that we're proud to have on board the Muc-Off family.

Enjoy a few behind-the-scenes shots as we already start working on our next project.

Nothing like a good old fashioned stare down.

That smirk says it all... Deaks knows what's about to go down.

The boys, stoked with their Muc-Off stickers on their helmets.

Kitted out. Which Tubeless Valve would you pick?

Getting the clips!

Green Snow Collective Team Manager Paul Bolwell stoked with the lads' performance.

"Wait, can I seen that clip again? In slow-mo?"

"It's simple, CLEAN PROTECT LUBE!"