Following our recent partnership launch with Scott Redding, we’d like to extend our stoke levels with the following announcement: Muc-Off signs Sam Pilgrim!

Sam Pilgrim needs no introduction, but if you insist, then here it is. Originally from Colchester in Essex, Sam started off as a 14-year-old Dirt Jumper, messing around with his mates at local events. Fast forward a couple of years and he was already traveling the world and winning international competitions, including King of Dirt in Austria, fast becoming one of the world’s most recognised freestyle riders.

After dominating the FMB World Tour, with Martin Soderstrom and Brett Rheeder as rivals, Sam decided to branch out and explore what else mountain biking had to offer.

Today, Sam is a YouTube superstar and THE go-to guy when it comes to throwing eBikes around. Sam also competes in the odd event as and when it pleases him – he casually took the title of ‘ruler of the week’ and ‘best slopestyle line’ at last year’s Audi Nines Slopestyle event in Germany, beating Slopestyle legends Szymon Godziek and Nicholi Rogaktin along the way. No biggie.

Sam Pilgrim

“I’m gonna have some insanely clean and well-lubed bikes this year because I’m now part of the Muc-Off team! I’ve always liked the products and the whole vibe of the brand, so I’m mega stoked this worked out!!"

Elliot Withers, Athlete Manager 

“Known for his famous missing tooth and more importantly his ridiculous talent on all things 2 wheeled, we are insanely stoked to welcome Sam Pilgrim to the Muc-Off family.

We'll be working closely with Sam this year to continue to push the boundaries of our range and with our dedicated eBike products, you can be sure Sam will be testing everything to its limit! We've got some epic plans with Sam in the pipeline and if our 'Gnarnival' and 'Muc-Off Vice' edits are anything to go by, then you can expect some rad productions on the horizon.”

2019 has just got a whole lot more exciting… Watch this space.