23 days, 21 stages, 2 rest days, 218 riders, 3,483km each.

As we enter the final stages of Le Tour de France, with Mikel Landa well positioned in GC, we caught up with Bahrain McLaren to get the inside scoop on some of the behind-the-scenes stats of this year’s race.

8* Riders

Unfortunately, Rafael Valls was forced to abandon after being caught up in a crash just 3km from the finish of the opening stage.

Nano Tech Bike Cleaner:

After covering upwards of 150km of riding each day, it’s fair to say the bikes end up getting covered in a fair bit of dirt and grime. Our Nano Tech Bike Cleaner is used by the mechanics after every stage, helping to breakdown the dirt, while also caring for the bike’s top-end delicate finishes. To help cut down on weight, space and plastic, the team uses our Bike Cleaner Concentrate.

Bio Drivetrain Cleaner:

The team of 5 Bahrain McLaren mechanics use our Bio Drivetrain Cleaner to bring the riders’ drivetrains back to their grime-free, efficient selves. The mechanics tend to tip the Drivetrain Cleaning solution into a Muc-Off Tool Bottle (which is mounted onto the seat tube), then use our Drivetrain Detailing Brush to apply the formula locally and without waste – they still get through 4L of the stuff! 

Hydrodynamic Lube:

Our Hydrodynamic Lube was born out of the riders' need for a lube that didn't wash off in the wet, but also didn't pick up dust and grime in the dry. The highly advanced formula provides an ultra-low friction lubrication that also withstands the changing weather conditions across the 3,483km of this year’s Le Tour.

It is still all to play for in GC. Can Mikel Landa ride his way to the top of the leaderboard?