As we transition into the wetter, colder months of the year (for some parts of the world at least). If you don't already, it's really time to start thinking about adding some layers of protection to your motorcycle to help keep corrosion to a minimum over the saltwater-filled winter months ahead, especially if you commute regularly!

At Muc-Off, we produce a range of products to help protect your engine and metal components against corrosion and keep your motorcycle looking it's very best and protected against corrosion from salt winter, road salt and general winter grime. ‘Muc-Off Motorcycle Protectant’ offers incredible water dispersion properties to prevent water, dirt and grime from sticking to your motorcycle, protecting the surfaces beneath from damage, be it your engine casings, sump, frame and paintwork. It’s capable of this thanks to its high concentration of P.T.F.E that’ll adhere to your engine components adding a layer protection whilst remaining non-sticky to the touch preventing dirt, grease and grime adhering to your components.

Before we get onto how to apply Protectant and prevent corrosion, firstly its important to understand what corrosion actually is and how it can impact your motorcycles components! 'Corrosion' is the deterioration of a material as a result of chemical reactions between it and the surrounding environment. All metals used in motorcycle construction corrode. Some metals corrode quicker than others, but even Aluminium and Stainless steel corrodes just slower than others. Corrosion typically falls into one of 3 catergories.

1. General Attack Corrosion - Is a very common form of corrosion which attacks the entire surface of a component, also known as uniform corrosion. It is caused by a chemical or electrochemical reaction. Whilst uniform corrosion can cause a metal to fail, it is predictable. As a result, it is possible to plan for and take steps to help reduce those effects over time.
2. Localised Corrosion - Attacks only a portion of a metal surface. The 3 types of localized corrosion are:
Pitting: the creation of small holes on the surface.
Crevice corrosion: corrosion that occurs in stagnant locations or between two joining surfaces, such as under gaskets or in between places, for example.
Filiform corrosion: corrosion that occurs when water gets under a coating such as paint.
3. Galvanic Corrosion - Also known as Bimetallic corrosion can occur when two different metals are located together in a liquid, such as salt water, an electrolyte. In essence, one metal's molecules are drawn toward the other metal, leading to corrosion in only one of the two metals.

These 3 forms of corrosion can really affect the durability of your motorcycle components, not only in the way they look but performance too. A product such as ‘Muc-Off Motorcycle Protectant’ helps by putting an all-in-important barrier in between the product and the material underneath - hence the name "Protectant"! 

How to apply:
It couldn’t be easier. But, as with all cleaning tasks, preparation is key. We recommend starting with our Motorcycle Nanotech Cleaner and Motorcycle Degreaser to remove all the grime, dirt and grease deposits from your motorcycle, giving the bike and engine area a really deep clean, paying particular attention to where heavy deposits reside and agitate those (with a brush or sponge) to remove them, allow the (Nanotech Cleaner/Degreaser) product a few minutes to break down the grime before washing them off.

With your motorcycle now clean and degreased. It's time to protect those surfaces and components with a tailored protectant, protecting against winter corrosion. Shake the can to ensure the solution is well mixed for best performance then simply spray the ‘Motorcycle Protectant’ directly onto the engine and surrounding components you want to protect, allow it to dry and wipe away any excess and overspray with a Microfibre towel. It'll leave a protective layer that'll help prevent corrosion as well as prevent dirt from adhering to the engine. The 'Protectant' protection lasts about a week, so is ideal protection between washes.  

Please note: Avoid spraying this product onto your brake discs, pads or tyres, its high PTFE concentration will radically reduce the performance of these components.

Once the protectant is applied, your bike is protected for around 7-10 days worth of riding, right up till the time to give it another wash. Keeping this protective layer topped up will help keep your bike in tip-top order, no matter what the weather throws at you!

What if you don’t ride your bike in the winter and instead put it away for the winter months, well, in that case, Motorcycle Protectant is still well worth investing in as its also ideally suited for winter storage applications, it'll keep your components protected when the bikes not in use. Apply it across the components to prevent surface rust and corrosion appearing over winter and ensure your bike is spring fresh for the first rays of sun!