Seeing Matt Jones build and grow his compound over the years has been pretty rad, but although this place allows him to throw down some insane tricks, we couldn’t help but feel it still lacked a little something.

Ding! That’s when the idea came. We thought you know what, it’s time to step in and raise the game – time to give this place a little ‘clean’ up. Of course, we didn’t tell Matt about any of this, but here was our plan…

We’d head over to Matt’s house, wait until he falls asleep and steal his keys. We’d then sneak into his compound at night and give his biggest ramp the Muc-Off makeover it deserved, then sneak his key back where we found them.

Sounds impossible? Mwahah! Of course it is, for the common mortals. Thankfully, our team is made up of extremely stealthy, faster-than-light, ninja warriors capable of taking on just about anything (mainly excelling in bike care).

So off we went! All was going super smoothly until the first issue arose – we didn’t have the key to Matt’s house… which meant we had to ask Matt to open the door, which meant Matt knew what was going on, which meant we had to act the whole thing, cue the award nominations. 

Nevertheless, we were pretty stoked with how the ramp came out, and although Matt Jones ‘acted’ surprised in the film, he was genuinely stoked. I guess you could argue – is this guy never not stoked? True. Still. It was fun ok?! 

Fancy a sneak peak at the behind the scenes? Enjoy...


Whilst we had a lot of fun pretending to break into Matt’s house and having our Athlete Manager taking the whole 'tucking Matt in' a little too seriously, we cannot stress enough that you should NOT go breaking into people’s houses. We're allowed to because Matt is our friend.