This is it! Three weeks of intense cycling drama comes to an end as the peloton reaches Les Champs Elysées.

Let's talk about the elephant in the room first. Sadly, it wasn't Egan Bernal's year as a recurring back injury cost him 7 deadly minutes on Stage 15. With the GC now out of reach, it was the team's decision to withdraw the 2019 Tour De France winner from this year's edition in a bid to allow him plenty of recovery time.

But just because the INEOS Grenadiers were without a leader didn't mean they wouldn't put on a show... and a couple days later, they did exactly that. Michal Kwiatkowski and Richard Carapaz took control of Stage 18 in gruelling dusty conditions to sign off one of the most beautiful moments of this year's tour. While Michal secured his first-ever Grand Tour Stage win, Richard took hold of the polka dot climber's jersey.

For Bahrain McLaren, it was all about consistency. Despite a challenging first week, the Spanish team leader Mikel Landa put in solid finishes one after another to crawl his way back up the GC Top 10.

As we hit the penultimate time-trial stage, Mikel premiered L.O.P.S. – our brand-new lightweight oversized pulley – in a bid to push through to a podium finish. Unfortunately, even his sub-1h run wasn't enough to oust Richie Porte who secured a third place on the Stage, and his third place on the GC.

Another highlight for Stage 20 was Bahrain McLaren's Damiano Caruso, who not only secured a 7th place on the stage, but also climbed up to a Top 10 finish on the GC.

As we take a look at some of our favourite shots from Week 3 (courtesy of Gruber Images, Getty Images and Cycling Images), we already look forward to the 2021 edition getting underway.

Congratulations to our Muc-Off supported teams INEOS Grenadiers and Bahrain McLaren for an amazing three weeks, it's been emotional.

Rest day was a test day for Mikel Landa. Photo: Gruber Images

Putting L.O.P.S. to the test ahead of Stage 20.Photo: Gruber Images

Egan Bernal contemplating his last Stage of the 2020 Tour De France. Photo: Getty Images

Despite an imminent loss of their team leader, Richard Carapaz put everything on the line. Photo: Cycling Images

It was enough to earn the 'Prix de la Combativité', the day's most aggressive rider. Photo: Getty Images

Stage 17 was quite the climb, but Pello Bilbao put in everything he had. Photo: Gruber Images

And so did Wout Poels. Photo: Getty Images

A team that defined a whole decade of professional cycling. Photo: Getty Images

Luke Rowe from the INEOS Grenadiers. Photo: Cycling Images

Damiano Caruso from Bahrain McLaren. Photo: Cycling Images

It was a long climb for Bahrain McLaren leader Mikel Landa. Photo: Gruber Images

Despite an incredible solo breakaway at the start of the ascent, it wasn't quite enough to secure the Stage win for Richard Carapaz. Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Gruber Images

Photo: Cycling Images

Michal Kwiatkwoski and Richard Carapaz initiated an early breakaway they'll manage to sustain right to the finish line. Photo: Gruber Images.

Possibly our favourite moment of the 2020 Tour De France. Photo: Getty Images  

I'm not crying you're crying. Photo: Getty Images.

Michal's first-ever Grand Tour Stage win. Photo: Getty Images

Richard's turn to sport the polka dot jersey. Photo: Getty Images

Best kit on tour? Of course, it has a Muc-Off logo on it. Photo: Getty Images

Hands up for Stage wins! Photo: Getty Images

Hands up for polka dots! Photo: Getty Images

Squad goals. Photo: Getty Images

Luke Rowe prefers riding solo. Photo: Getty Images. 

Polka dot helmet for Richard Carapaz on Stage 20. Photo: Cycling Images

Photo: Gruber Images

One of the hardest TT Stages in years. Photo: Cycling Images

Michal Kwiatkowski Photo: Cycling Images

Damiano Caruso pedalling his way through to a 7th place finish. Photo: Gruber Images

Mikel Landa premiered our brand-new L.O.P.S. oversized pulley on this year's Time-Trial stage. Photo: Getty Images

Richard Carapaz did what he could to defend his polka dot jersey but there was no stopping Tadej Pogacar. Photo: Getty Images

Riders made a stand against racism on the last stage of Le Tour De France. Photo: Getty Images

The iconic last stage was greeted with incredible light. Photo: Gruber Images

Although Richard Carapaz lost the polka dot jersey the day before, he still got to wear going into Paris due to Tadej adorning yellow. Photo: Cycling Images

Michal Kwiatkowski reflects on yet another incredible year of racing the French roads. Photo: Gruber Images


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