It’s a lifestyle that is hard not to envy. Travelling the world with little more than a bike, camera and seemingly endless sense of adventure, Geoff Gulevich gives us all a daily window into his fast-paced life through the super popular social media platform, Instagram.

Scrolling through the Canadian mountain bikers feed, affectionately known by many as Gully, you can see that it is something special. The images themselves are beautifully shot in exotic locations – often using nothing more than a GoPro – stirring up that familiar feeling of “I want that life”.

I got into Instagram to share photos that I enjoyed taking – to loop people in on my personal and professional life. I feel that people relate better to photos that status updates.

We think that what makes his feed so successful is that it makes you feel like you’re travelling alongside Gully himself. You aren’t just with him as he’s shredding down a mountainside on his Rocky Mountain. You’re with him when he’s snowboarding up Mount Baker or surfing in Bali or feeding the birds up at Garibaldi Lake.

It’s like you are being taken along on the adventure.

We’re super excited to be sponsoring Gully for another season and can’t wait to see what other awesome images pumps out. Click here to follow Gully and Muc-Off on Instagram.