Enduro is hella fun, but one thing’s for sure, it gets hella muddy!

Aside from the joy brought by getting it to that state, no one likes seeing their pride and joy caked in mud, grime or dirt. 

When you rock up at the track, you’ll want to make sure your mates salivate over your shiny Enduro bike, and in order to do this, you’ll need to have your motorbike cleaning game on point.

In this step-by-step Enduro motorbike cleaning guide, we walk you through all the tricks of the trade to achieve that elusive brand-spanking new, factory fresh, look.

Our 3-step process is simple as ABC… Clean, Protect, Lube!


Biodegradable Chain Cleaner

The first step in our Clean process is to clean your chain. Your chain is the most likely component on your bike to get dirt, grub and grime stuck right up in there, alongside grease, oils and other nasty contaminants. For this, you’ll need something with a little extra kick – behold our Biodegradable Chain Cleaner.

Spray it all around your sprocket and into your chain, keeping your aerosol can about one or two inches away. As you spray, you’ll start seeing the nasties literally disintegrate.

To make sure you give it a deep clean, we recommend agitating the formula with our Motorcycle Chain Brush. This brush was specifically designed to fit the vast majority of motorcycle chain, giving a thorough go, left right and centre.

A good tip is to spray directly onto your brush to ensure the formula is still working even when you’re going in deep.

For harder-to-reach areas, simply turn the brush around and use our detailing side.

Now that it’s clean, it’s time to give your chain, and the rest of your bike, a good rinse using a water hose (or our Muc-Off Pressure Washer!).

Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner

Onto the rest of the bike… For this, you could either use our Pressure Washer’s Snow Foam lance or like in this case, go classic with our Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner.

Our cleaner is not only super effective and biodegradable, it also features a foaming trigger designed to help the even and foamy spread of our formula onto your bike.

At this point, you’ll want to cover your entire bike with the water-soluble solution, then leave it for a couple of minutes to do its thing, i.e. break the dirt away into nano-sized particles.

Once ready, go ahead and agitate the solution using our Microcell Sponge on open surfaces, and our Soft Washing Brush on the more delicate areas. Worried about the nooks and crannies? We’ve got a tool for that: our Two Prong Brush.

Disc Brake Cleaner

Rinse it all off and give your disc brakes a quick spray of our Disc Brake Cleaner. This ensures your rotors don’t carry any contaminants it might have picked up along the way and continue performing at their best ability. After all, your safety depends on it!


The Clean step is now done, and your bike is looking great, now let’s focus on keeping it that way with Step 2: Protect.

Bio MO-94

Bio MO-94 spray is our all-round moisture-dispenser spray, ideal for keeping corrosion at bay and keeping those components nicely lubricated. 

Spray it on your chain, sprocket, cockpit components, anything you’ll want to keep dry and loose. Once on, simply wipe dry with our one of our Microfibre Cloths.

Motorcycle Protectant

Got a fancy carbon exhaust guard? Make it shine with our Motorcycle Protectant, it’s safe to use on all materials and will leave a very fine protective film designed to prevent dirt sticking.

Silicon Shine

Next, keep your suspensions running smooth with our Silicon Shine spray. Just like our Motorcycle Protectant, our unique formula is safe on all materials and will leave a protective film, as well as sparkling finish, to your fairing too.

Buff your surface areas with one of our Microfibre Cloths and your Enduro machine will be gleaming, filling your heart with pride. 


All-Weather Chain Lube

The last step is Lube. At this time of year, we’d recommend opting for our All-Weather Chain Lube. Our high-performance, state-of-the-art chain lubricant contains ceramic additives which increase component life and maximise horsepower.

It’s suitable for standard, O, X, and Z-ring chains, and was designed with long-distance, all-weather, on/off-road riding. You better start planning your next adventure! 

Apply to the top/inside side of your bottom chain whilst spinning the wheel backwards, then to the outside side around your sprocket. Our lube comes with an application straw and contains a special UV dye, allowing you to check the even spread of your lube application with extreme precision.

You’ve done it. Your bike is clean, protected and lubed – ready to be thrown around once more at your local Enduro race track.