One of the questions we get asked all the time is ‘what is Snow Foam?’ In this quick how to we will answer this question and give some tips on using our Snow Foam with our pressure washers!

What is Snow Foam?

Simply put, Snow Foam is a thicker and slightly more concentrated version of our Nano Tech Cleaner. It is designed to be used with the foaming lance or ‘snow foam gun’ on our pressure washers during cleaning, although you can use it with any foaming lance on any pressure washer too.

Top tip: You can use our Snow Foam on your bike, motorcycle or car and the steps are the same for all three!

Why use Snow Foam?

Being thicker and more concentrated means that when you spray our Snow Foam onto your bike (using our pressure washer) it will turn into a thick layer of foamy cleaning goodness on your bike. Whilst you can use regular Nano Tech for this too, the Snow Foam will stay as a layer of foam much longer and do an even better job of cleaning your bike – spraying a bike with Snow Foam is one of our favourite things to do, it is super satisfying!

How to use Snow Foam?

What you will need:

Step 1: Start up your pressure washer

Start up your pressure washer and begin by giving the bike a rinse with the Bike Lance, make sure to get off the bigger bits of dirt and get the whole bike wet.

Step 2: Get ready to foam! 

Swap to the Foaming Lance on your pressure washer, screw the bottle of Snow Foam straight into the lance (our bottles and Foaming Lance are designed to work together!)

Note: If you don’t have a Muc-Off Pressure Washer (why not?) then you will need to decant the Snow Foam into the bottle that works with your own foaming lance before fitting it onto the lance. Aside from this the steps are identical!

Step 3: Cover your bike in foam

Spray the bike (or motorcycle, car or even UTV) with the foaming lance! This is the best bit, one pass on each side is usually enough to hide your bike in foam. Make sure to do both sides!

Step 4: Give it some time... 

Leave the bike covered in Snow Foam for 5 minutes to work it’s magic, ensure to leave it out of direct sunlight whilst it is covered in Snow Foam.

Step 5: Rinse it

Swap Back to the Bike Lance and rinse off the Snow Foam, your bike should now look immaculate!

Step 7: Clean, Protect, Lube

Dry off the bike before continuing on to Clean, Protect and Lube the moving parts of your bike.

    Now you know what Snow Foam is and your bike is looking fresh, nice work!