Re-proof and repel: Our new Rain Shield Re-Proofer spray

Calling all MTB shredders! Ever find that your technical riding kit struggles to take on the elements like it used to? That's because as it's exposed to rain and mud, its waterproofing levels drop off. But that's where our new product comes into its own – introducing Muc-Off new Rain Shield Re-Proofer spray.

All waterproof clothing needs to be cared for to keep it performing at its best.​ Using ordinary household detergent will ultimately break down the DWR and impair water repellency due to the heavy surfactants found in these products.​ If you notice that water isn't beading off the fabric as well as it did when brand new, we recommend reproofing the apparel with our Rain Shield Re-Proofer​.

snow foam for motorbikes and cars

It creates a cutting edge DWR (Durable Water Repellent) layer on all types of technical clothing. ​It is a simple to use 'spray on' water repellent treatment, designed to restore factory levels of performance on all waterproof and breathable fabrics. ​It uses the latest technology to reduce the surface tension of the fabric and provide the very best water repellency without impacting the breathability of fabrics. ​

It also helps to protect against mud and stains. And the best bit? It's safe for the environment, as it's water-based and doesn't contain PFCs! ​

Our state-of-the-art 'spray on' formula gives unrivalled protection within 24 hours of treatment. After application, water will bead and roll off, so you're protected to go in the harshest of conditions.​

snow foam for motorbikes and cars

How does it work?

Durable Water Repellent (or DWR) is a treatment applied to the exterior of technical outdoor outerwear and accessories which helps them resist water, therefore improving their performance in wet weather. ​

​A DWR coating causes water to bead up and roll off of it, which keeps weather like rain and snow from soaking into the outer layer of technical apparel.​ DWR works by making the fibres on the outside of a garment hydrophobic, or, in other words, water repellent. ​

​DWR does this by microscopically creating a "spiky" surface (think of the bristles of a brush) which increases "surface tension" or the "contact angle" when water comes in contact with it and causes water droplets to group together at the outer edge of the fabric. When a DWR coating is no longer functioning optimally, the water droplets spread out across the surface of the fabric, causing it to soak through.​

snow foam for motorbikes and cars

What else is rad about it?

You can use your kit for longer! We're all about being green here at Muc-Off, so anything that helps us continue to use our gear instead of buying new stuff is rad AF in our book. You can get two treatments of an XL jacket per bottle, so it'll go the distance.

How to apply it

1. Shake the bottle well before use to activate the formula. ​

2. Spray all over a clean, damp garment from 10-15cm away until the garment is fully treated. (We would recommend using a technical performance wash to clean the garment before application. Always follow the washing instructions on the label.) ​

3.Remove any excess treatment with a clean cloth.

4. Allow treatment to cure. Do this by hanging up your apparel to air dry overnight. But ideally leave it for 24 hours to get the best results.

​Top Tip! ​

5. Best applied to a clean, damp garment for optimum results.​

You've seen the tech, how it's applied and why it's the business. Now all that's left to do is head this way to get yourself some!