Ultimate Tubeless Setup Kit

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A kit complete with every essential needed to join the tubeless revolution. Five different kits for all kinds of bikes. Our Ultimate Tubeless Setup Kit is a one-stop shop for everything you need to make the switch with your tubeless-ready wheelset. Read more

  • 5 sizes to choose
  • all in 1 kit
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    Free UK delivery over £30
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Pairs great with:

  • All-New Tubeless Valves

    All-New Tubeless Valves

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See it in action

Going tubeless? Our Ultimate Tubeless Setup Kit is a one-stop shop for everything you'll need to make the switch. Just make sure you've got tubeless ready wheels and tyres! If you're not sure, reach out to us on Live Chat!

  • Everything you need in one handy kit
  • Includes a pair of our black Tubeless Valves
  • Available in a range of sizes to cater for all disciplines 
  • Description

    The Muc-Off Ultimate Tubeless Kit contains everything needed to get a tubeless-ready wheelset set up and ready to roll. Each Kit contains a Muc-Off Tubeless Rim Tape, Seal Patches, 2 CNC-machined black tubeless Valves and 2 pouches of No Puncture Hassle Tubeless Sealant.

    Our kit options:

    • Road (21MM TAPE / 44MM VALVES)
    • Road (21MM TAPE / 60MM VALVES)
    • XC/Gravel (25MM TAPE / 44MM VALVES)
    • DH/Trail/Enduro (30MM TAPE / 44MM VALVES)
  • VALVE Size Guide

  • HOW TO

    1. Remove all old rim strip or tape and clean rim.
    2. Make sure the rim is clean and dry before applying tape.
    3. Get the tape from the packet and line it up from the opposite side of the valve.
    4. Start by unwinding a small amount of the tape and pressing it down using your thumb or finger to hold pressure down.
    5. Continue to hold while you pull back on the tape and stick down tight once you have a few cm on the tape will stick and holding is no longer needed.
    6. Continue the entire way around the rim (if it has a big concave in you can pull and wiggle the tape to fill any edges)
    7. Overlap the tape by roughly 10 – 15cm
    8. Leave a small amount unstuck so that you can cut the remainder off
    9. Once cut sketch and pull the tape down to create a seal
    10. Go around the rim with your thumb to make sure there is no air pockets or messed areas.
    11. Once your happy with how it looks using a small pin locate the valve hole and cleanly pierce the tape ready for the valve
    12. Grab your tubeless valve and remove the lock ring and o ring
    13. Chose the right rubber fitment for your rim tape and insert valve into rim
    14. Refit O-ring and Lock ring making sure you lock the valve in (don’t go to tight or could damage the rubber)
    15. Re-fit your tyre of choice carful not to damage the tape (by using tyre levers ect)
    16. Inflate tyre to create a fit (should hear some popping around the rim)
    17. Release Air and remove valve core using the spare valve cap
    18. Grab the sealant pouch and give it a shake
    19. Unscrew the cap and fit on the valve in a up right position
    20. While holding the pouch spin the wheel downward so that the pouch is now upside down
    21. Insert the sealant by rolling the pouch down
    22. Spin wheel back up right and remove pouch
    23. Reinsert valve core and inflate to your pressure


  • What's included?

    • 1x 10m roll of Tubeless Rim Tape (enough for two rims!)
    • 2x Seal Patches
    • 2x Black Tubeless Valves
    • 2x Valve caps
    • 2x Locking nuts
    • 1x Valve core removal tool (doubles as a spare valve cap)
    • 3 x Pairs of rubber bases for size choice
    • 2x Pouches of No Puncture Hassle Tubeless Sealant
  • Reviews

  • Everything needed to get set up and ready to roll

    Our Ultimate Tubeless Setup Kit is a one-stop shop for everything you need to make the switch with your tubeless-ready wheelset.

  • Wide range of sizes available

    Kits available for road, gravel and CX to enduro, trail and downhill.