Bicycle Protection

What's the difference between MO-94 and Bike Protect? Does Silicon Shine actually help suspension performance? Choosing the right protectant can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be!

Check out our video where Chopper explains which protectant to use and when.




Why Protect a Bike?

Applying protection sprays and compounds regularly to your bike will help to create a protective layer, keeping that dreaded rust and corrosion at bay. It'll also help to repel dirt and stop grime build up – meaning more riding and less cleaning!

Get that factory fresh look! Our Protection range will also help to remove imperfections and minor scratches on both your bike's frame and componentry, helping it look factory fresh for longer.

Which Products Do I Need To Clean My Bike?

Bike Protect is our premium post wash protection spray. It drives out moisture and leaves a sparkling, non-sticky protective layer on your frame, drive chain, metal parts and paintwork. Got a bike with a matt frame? Then look no further than our Matt Finish Detailer, specifically designed for satin matt paints, matt finishes and matt vinyl wraps. The premium-grade formula will leave any matt surface with a streak and gloss-free protective finish that reduces dirt adhesion.