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Whether you’re digging an old bike out from the shed, or kicking things ofwith a brand-new steed, the recipe to long-term cycling success is the same: CLEAN – PROTECT – LUBE!

From your chain to your frame a clean bike is a happy bike, to keep the rust and corrosion away you need to protect your ride and finally to keep everything running silently and smoothly look to the lube. Check out our bundles to get started on all three!

Worried about Punctures? use our BAM! (Bottled Air Magic) to instantly inflate and repair punctures with no hassle or trying to replace an inner tube on the side of a road!

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Get Ready to Ride Family Bundle

Get Ready to Ride Family Bundle

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8 in 1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit - Muc-Off

8 in 1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit

£39.99 Out of Stock

Bicycle Dry Weather Lube

Bicycle Dry Weather Lube

From £4.99 Out of Stock

X-3 Dirty Chain Machine - Muc-Off

X-3 Dirty Chain Machine

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Expanding Microcell Sponge - Muc-Off

Expanding Microcell Sponge

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Tyre & Cassette Brush - Muc-Off

Tyre & Cassette Brush

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Detailing Brush

Detailing Brush

£4.79 Regular price £5.99

How to look after your bike

How to repair punctures with B.A.M!

How to protect your innertubes from punctures


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