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We have always been driven by creating products that inspire, improve and enhance riding performance. That calls for focus, agility and an innovative spirit in order to push the technical envelope.

Covid-19 has been the single largest global health crisis of a lifetime. Therefore, in true Muc-Off fashion, we have been working on how we can actively play our part in fighting back against the coronavirus by deploying our agility and innovative ethos to the max.

Our multi layered programme aims to protect & care on 3 key fronts to help individuals, our front line workers and the wider world in the face of this global pandemic.


THE NHS, LONDON // POOLE // Edinburgh

Necessity is the mother of invention. After receiving a DM from a bike loving nurse based in the newly created intensive care unit for covid positive patients at St Georges Hospital, London, an innovative application for our luxury chamois cream pour femme was found.

The nursing team found that wearing face masks all day created uncomfortable friction marks. Applying moisturising antibacterial chamois cream was a great first line of defence. Within days, thousands of samples were being dispatched to aid the teams working in the most challenging of conditions. We also dropped Chamois cream to the Ambulance crew at Poole Station for their team of Paramedics.


With social distancing being so front of mind, The Royal Mail continues to deliver door to door during incredibly challenging conditions.

We worked with the Bournemouth & Dorset Royal Mail team to help support their front line staff with much needed anti-bac & moisturising support with our Luxury Chamois Cream.


Helping NHS staff get a clean commute to work was the inspiration between the collaboration of Muc-Off and British bike share scheme, Beryl Bikes . We teamed up with Beryl who have been offering free usage of their shared bike scheme to NHS workers in Bournemouth, Norwich, Watford & Hereford during the coronavirus pandemic.

Muc-Off donated a range of antibacterial equipment cleaner and technical cleaning gear to ensure that the Beryl service teams could keep their fleet used by the key workers in pristine condition.


The Scottish Borders is a semi-rural area with a small public transport infrastructure. Since the COVID-19 outbreak public transport has been reduced with restricted timetables in place meaning key workers reliant on those services haven’t been able to get to work. This is why leading British not-for-profit Momentum and bicycle charity JustCycle set up a bike library for key workers in this area. Muc-Off donated a range of antibacterial equipment cleaner to ensure that the bike share scheme and their users could keep their bikes clean and safe between rides. We also stuck a few tubes of our antibacterial chamois cream in there to help protect and moisturise their hands.


Our R&D team usually test chain lube efficiency and cleaning formulas to the max. They've just set our 3d printer to NON-STOP production of PPE face guards for local hospitals. The brilliant boffins have just been inventing ear guards to stop chaffing for frontline medical workers on long shifts too.

If you have a 3D printer and want to join the cause, check out how on this link:

ER Medical teams - USA

As the coronavirus respects no borders, our support to frontline workers has also extended to the USA. Shipments of our antibacterial Chamois Cream have been dispatched by our friends at Smart Warehousing to medical centres, police and fire departments across Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, South Carolina and New York



The third layer of the Muc-Off fight back programme has been in support of the World Health Organisation. The Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund has been set up by the W.H.O in order to coordinate and lead the prevention, detection and response to the global pandemic. As a global brand, we have chosen to support this fund by investing 10% of profits from all sales of our new antibacterial gels and sanitisers to hasten the ability for us as a global community to tackle this pandemic.

Donate here to the W.H.O COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund


Fighting back with a range of new Antibac

With years of experience in creating high performance, bike focused care, shortages of antibacterial products has inspired the creation of our new range of antibacterial sanitisers. Designed to clean the dirtiest surfaces in our daily lives, from your hands to hard surfaces & your mobile devices. Not only will this range be available from Muc-Off stockists and our online store, we will also be donating 1000’s of bottles to front line key workers. With every product sold from our new range, 10% of profits will be donated to the World Health Organisations COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

View the Range

Flipping convention on its head

From saddle sore to heavenly hands … who knew! Our luxury chamois cream not only helps in the fight against friction, but also has become a hands best friend in the face of bacteria and constant washing. The antibacterial cream has an awesome soothing effect which teams up with Aloe Vera to help protect and combat dryness and cracking.

Staying in is the new going to the gym

From daily online fitness classes to the booming sales in home gym equipment, a lock down is inspiring a raft of home fitness solutions. Therefore, stopping your training kit becoming a germ fest is a must as part of the antibac fight back movement. Our Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QUAT) based formulation kills not only 99.99% of bacteria but is also able to eliminate a wide range of enveloped viruses. Spray – clean – exercise – repeat.

Mind the gap

With a spike in demand for sanitisers, manufacturers have also faced a gap in bottle availability. In order to help fill some of the shortage, our bottle supply programme meant slowing production of high performance lubricants in order to be able to redivert the bottles back into the supply chain. Launched on social media, our first colab was with Conker Spirit, the Bournemouth based distillery, where we donated hundreds of empty bottles to be filled with a sanitiser destined for the local NHS & Police force.


Aren’t you diverting key resources from the health services such as the NHS?

The NHS and other health services around the world are always prioritised by suppliers and manufacturers when it comes to ordering things like sanitiser due to the diplomatic relations between countries and scale and size of orders they need. With our 3-pronged anti-bac fight back plan, we are trying to alleviate the pressure on a global, national and local level by utilising our supply network and chemical manufacturing and distribution abilities to fulfil an urgent need for sanitising products to combat the spread of COVID-19.

You are just covering costs, other businesses are doing it for free!

We applaud all the businesses who have switched production to help combat the spread of COVID-19 and are donating it to health services for free. We are a small business in comparison to the majority of chemical manufacturers who are able to make anti-bacterial sanitiser and would likely not survive as a business if we were to do this. We have a responsibility to ensure resilience during this time and recovery following by protecting the staff we employ, our retail and distribution network, our industry and our local community. We are donating a substantial number of sanitising products to front line workers and high-risk groups in Dorset where our HQ is based as well as donating 10% of the profits from the newly-extended Muc-Off anti-bac range to the World Health Organisation COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

You are just jumping on the bandwagon and this is a stunt!

We are a business that has expertise in developing and manufacturing cleaning products - including anti-bacterial sanitisers. We could sit back and try ride out this storm but we decided that because we have the capabilities, supply chain and distribution network to help combat this pandemic, that’s what we as a business should do.


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