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Discount codes on the Muc-Off website cannot be used with the following products:

  1. Nano Chain
  2. Sportful Bodyfit Pro Bibshort
  3. Sportful Bodyfit Pro Team Jersey
  4. Sportful BodyFit Pro Thermal Jersey
  5. Sportful BodyFit Pro WS Vest
  6. Clean, Protect & Lube Bundle
  7. Opposites Attract Bundle
  8. Muc-Off Coffee Bundle
  9. Muc-Off Chain Pack Bundle
  10. Team Sky Bundle
  11. Off-Road Essentials Bundle
  12. Smooth Pedalling Bundle
  13. Muc-Off Sportive Bundle
  14. Athlete Performance Winter Bundle
  15. Athlete Performance Essential Bundle
  16. Optimum Chain Cleaning Bundle
  17. Luxury Shaving Set
  18. Athlete Performance Bundle
  19. Clean, Protect & Lube Bundle
  20. Clean & Protect Bundle
  21. Auto Care Kit
  22. Auto Essential Kit
  23. Auto Ultimate Shine Kit
  24. Ultimate Auto Kit
  25. Detailing Car Bundle
  26. Nanotube Chain Lube 50ml
  27. Sportful Bodyfit Pro Long Sleeve Jersey
  28. Chamois Cream + 5 Recovery Balm Sachets
  29. 100ml Chamois Cream + 5 Recovery Balm Sachets Bundle
  30. Bike Cleaner, Drivetrain Cleaner + FREE C3 Dry 120ml
  31. Bicycle Mini Valet Kit & FREE Tool Bottle
  32. British Cycling Member Offer: Athlete Performance Bundle with Free Luxury Moisturiser with SPF 15
  33. Buy a Miracle Shine, Get 2 Free Microfibre Cloths!
  34. Buy an X-3 Dirty Chain Machine, Get a 500ml Drivetrain Cleaner Free!
  35. Hydrodynamic Chain Lube with FREE Nano Tech Bike Cleaner
  36. Motorcycle Cleaner, Motorcycle Protect + FREE Bio Chain Cleaner
  37. NTC Nanotube Chain
  38. Nanotube Chain Lube
  39. NTOC Chain

Muc-Off reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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