Foaming Trigger - Bike Cleaner

SKU Code: CPPK0778

A trigger for your plastic bottle to foam up your cleaner when you’re washing down a machine. Read more

  • cling cleaner to the frame
  • creates a thick foam
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    Free UK delivery over £30
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    Fast UK Fedex delivery (1-3 days)

Pairs great with:

  • Snow Foam

    Snow Foam

    Contains ultra foaming properties that breakdown stubborn dirt


  • Description

    The Muc-Off Foaming Trigger creates a thick foam which helps the cleaner cling to the frame allowing the product to break down the worst dirt and grime, reducing the time needed to agitate effectively

  • Reviews

  • Makes light work of heavy grime

    Breaks down dirt and grime on microscopic levels

  • Foam Up Your Cleaner

    Creates thick foam that clings to your bike