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Take it up a gear and give your car the TLC it deserves. Inside this 7-in-1 pro kit, you'll get everything you need to prepare your ride for the summer months, leaving it spotlessly clean. Read more

  • 7-in-1 bundle
  • for cars & bikes
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  • Description

    Take it up a gear and give your car the TLC it deserves. Inside this 7-in-1 pro kit, you'll get everything you need to prepare your ride for the summer months, leaving it spotlessly clean.

    Windscreen Wash - 5L

    Muc-Off Windscreen Wash is a high performance, ready to use formula that keeps your windscreen squeaky clean all year round, even in temperatures down to -3°C. It’s ready to use so no need for mixing, just add it directly into your screen wash reservoir.

    It quickly and easily cuts through dirt, grime and bugs, whilst keeping your wiper blades running smoothly. Our smear-free formula ensures crystal clear vision.

    Luxury Microfibre Polishing Cloth

    Our Luxury Microfibre cloths aren’t just cloths – they're a gateway to effortless cleaning, drying and polishing power at your fingertips! Muc-Off Microfibre cloths contain an amazing ‘split-fibre’ technology, that vastly increases surface area absorbency to easily eliminate smears and blemishes.

    As well as this, our microfibre’s trap dirt deep in the pile of the cloth – which helps to avoid the chance of swirling, which could ultimately lead to damaged paintwork. Because our cloths are made up of very small fibres, you’ll be cleaning at a much deeper level, meaning that whether it’s interiors or exteriors, bikes or cars, you can be sure you are removing the dirt and grime!

    2-in-1 Microfibre Wash Mitt

    We all know the dangers of using the wrong tools for the job of cleaning, unsightly swirls in the paintwork, degrading the finish over time. We developed the 2 in 1 Microfibre Wash Mitt to get around this problem, it’s pink (of course), extra plush and fluffy and will see off sponges as a thing of the past –  no more trapping grit and damaging your paintwork from here on in.

    A  fast way to give your machine the ultimate finish without the swirl marks and say goodbye to bugs. Specially designed to give an unbeatable finish without the risk of swirl marks. This 2-in-1 wash mitt uses split fibre technology to increase its cleaning surface area and care for a car's delicate finishes.  On one side the microfibre technology helps to break up dirt into minuscule particles and keep them away from the surface while you clean. While on the other, a waffle design gets rid of more stubborn deposits like bugs, tar, or any other grime that’s tougher to remove.

    Snow Foam - 1L

    Muc-Off Snow Foam is the result of extensive in-house research and development by our team of detailing experts. Our formula will significantly reduce the possibility of damage to paintwork by breaking down stubborn dirt and road film, preparing the vehicle for shampooing and detailing. Snow foam is a new generation ph neutral, water-based pre-wash treatment. It's designed to soak and saturate soiled paintwork prior to the application of our ph balanced car shampoo.

    Our Snow Foam formula is gentle and suitable for use with all pressure washer foam lances. Formulated specifically to offer maximum COVERAGE, snow foam rinses off easily with water. Developed to protect wax treatments.

    Wheel & Component Brush

    Muc-Off’s Wheel & Component Brush is shaped and contoured specifically to clean rims and spokes with ease. Its unique design features an impact resistant, dual density handle and durable nylon bristles.

    NB: To maintain performance of all brushes avoid use with boiling water and on hot parts. We recommend using warm water and allowing all hot parts to cool before use.

    Expanding Microfibre Sponge

    The best things come in small packages. Vacuum packed to reduce plastic packaging, leave the expanding microcell sponge in water for one to two hours, and watch it grow. Combining amazing cleaning power with a durable finish to help remove every spec of dirt by using microcell technology to trap dirt in the sponge.


    Muc-Off's heavy duty lanyard is perfect for keeping your keys in check. With its classic vital fluids logo it is a must have accessory for any committed athlete.


    Windscreen Wash - 5L

    • Fast and effective cleaning formula
    • Non-smear formula keeps the windscreen crystal clear 
    • Does not contain methanol 
    • Apple fragranced
    • Suitable for all-year-round use in mild conditions
    • Ready to use formula works down to -3 ℃
    • No need to dilute!

    Luxury Microfibre Polishing Cloth

    • Super-soft, high quality cloth
    • Safe to use on all surfaces
    • Deep-pile material traps dirt deep in the pile of the cloth preventing scratches or swirling
    • Split-fibre technology for increased absorbancy
    • Machine washable

     2-in-1 Microfibre Wash Mitt

    • Unique 2-in-1 design: Chenille microfiber wash mitt front and waffle bug remover design reverse
    • Gives a scratch-free, lint-free and swirl-free finish
    • Chenille technology – disintegrate dirt into miniscule particles
    • Ultra-fine microfibre – premium quality, super soft microfibre has been designed to clean delicate finishes
    • Tight elastic cuff for maximum control

     Snow Foam - 1L

    • Premium foam treatment
    • Rapidly removes dirt and grime
    • Ultra-stable foaming properties for maximum effect
    • Does not strip wax, sealant or polish (neutral PH)
    • Lush cranberry fragrance
    • Suitable for most snow foam lances (uses a screw neck connection)

     Wheel & Component Brush

    • Ultimate Clean Companion
    • Ideal for wheels and components
    • Suitable for all types of bikes
    • Rubberised handle

    Expanding Microcell Sponge

    • Compact
    • Vacuum packed


    • Durable
    • Rep Muc-Off
    • Swag
  • What's Included

    • Windscreen Wash
    • Luxury Microfibre Polishing Cloth
    • 2-in-1 Microfibre Wash Mitt
    • Expanding Microcell Sponge
    • Snow Foam - 1L
    • Wheel & Component Brush
    • Lanyard
  • Reviews

  • Foam To Your Chrome

    Rapidly remove dirt and grime without stripping wax, sealant or polish.

  • Tight elastic cuff for maximum control

    It's a knockout. Gets rid of more stubborn deposits like bugs, tar, or any other grime that’s tougher to remove.