When you’re going full send your tubeless set up needs to be on point, which means keeping your sealant fresh – We recommend swapping out old sealant for new every 4-6 months for the best protection against flats. A tubeless refresh can be done in just five easy steps, so no more excuses – you’ve got this!


Step One: Prep it like a baws: Start by whipping the wheel out of your bike. It's usually cleaner and easier to refresh the sealant with the wheel out. Release the air from the tyre, give it a squeeze to force the bead out of the rim, then grab your Rim Stix and pop the tyre off one side.



Step Two: Sealant Scrub Down: Before adding new sealant, we recommend clearing out the old. Simply topping up can dilute the new sealant with the old dry and crusty stuff. Drain any remaining sealant and remove all residues and large chunks of dried sealant with a microfibre, sponge, or brush. You can use our Glue & Sealant Remover to help get rid of those stubborn bits.



Step Three: Sealant Reload: Time to pour in that liquid gold – our No Puncture Hassle Tubeless Sealant. Simply pour it straight into the tyre. The bottle and the pouch come with a clear measurement strip so you can dial in the precise amount of sealant you need for your tyre set up. The amount you need varies depending on tyre size and brand, but generally, MTB tyres need 60–100ml - Larger tyres might require more, and lighter ones less. It's best to use a little extra so you can shred stress-free.



Step Four: Re-Seat the Tyre: With everything empty and cleaned, it’s time to wrangle that tyre back onto the rim. Rim Stix at the ready, and then pump it up. If you don’t have a compressor, no sweat. A CO2 Inflator or cannister pump can be your backstage pass to getting that bead seated. Check out this guide to learn how to do that.



Step Five: Final Steps: Pump up to your fighting pressure, remount that wheel and give it a spin - That sealant needs to flow round the tyre to cover every nook and cranny. Now you're all set to send it, with the confidence of a full Muc-Off sealant shield for a solid 4-6 months. Ride on!